Deck of the Month: A Fire from the North

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WingfootRanger 1776

I built this deck for the deck of the month deckbuilding challenge on Facebook for June 2018. The premise was to build a tri-sphere Gondor swarm deck and beat The Hunt for Gollum in nightmare mode. I know I'm taking the tri-sphere aspect a bit loosely here by having only 1 in the whole deck and no hero, but in my experience "cheating" with sphere splashes is a viable way to overcome the challenge of building a consistent tri-sphere deck.

The deck operates the same way that any other Gondor swarm deck does with the additions of Faramir's ally readying ability and the combo of Roheryn and Gondorian Fire on Aragorn. Steward of Gondor is of course a key card to keep the engine going and is the target for a mulligan, but Denethor's starting resources and the fact that there are 2 heroes help with getting some flow of allies to the table in the absence of Steward of Gondor. The of the ally army will be bolstered by Visionary Leadership and/or Sword that was Broken to triumphant levels. A Very Good Tale helps with getting the ally swarm running, and Citadel Custodian, Knight of the White Tower, or Veteran of Osgiliath are the best ones to exhaust to get the maximum potential mustering.

The Roheryn's Fire combo makes combat virtually painless when it is assembled, and card draw from DĂșnedain Pipe, Heed the Dream and Deep Knowledge helps with finding those cards or other important ones. Without the combo, the deck can still fight back with Aragorn and some allies, and Faramir enables another ally to join in on the attack or supply the defense. Sometimes you won't need another ally for combat when activating Faramir's response, so it can be used to ready Warden of Healing for another use or Errand-rider to give Aragorn more fuel for Gondorian Fire.

This was a fun deck and challenge, decks that muster large ally swarms while also using Voltron combos mash two classic archetypes together. It feels great having both powerful tools at your disposal as you mow down the encounter deck, since they usually can only be enjoyed separately.