Light of the Noldor

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Noble Men and Fair Elves
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ShortcutsMakeDelays 109

Built for a 4-handed fellowship using mono-sphere decks. The main purpose of this deck is of course to quest and to reduce threat. We have 7 straight off, with a further 4 if we get Nenya in our opening hand.

The deck plays fairly straight-forward. First of all we want to get Galadriel up and running with Nenya and her mirror. Then build up questing power by pulling allies with the mirror and dropping them into play, using Arwen's extra resource if necessary. For further questing use Children of the Sea, which also has the benefit of recycling the "when played" ability of the ally.

As there is an Aragorn in every sphere other than spirit, it's possible to get him in any deck for Arwen to move resources around the table. For more choice, give your friends a fancy title and you'll be able to drop them around the place. While Tale of TinĂșviel might seem obvious to use with Aragorn, the card specifies characters, not heroes, which means there are options for using Glorfindel, SĂșlien or Northern Tracker. With Valiant Determination and Narya the readied character can utilise the boost to all three stats. Of course, it will also work with any of your new elf-friends.

The Steeds of Imladris go to Cirdan and Arwen. Unexpected Courage can go to either Cirdan or Galadriel to negate the exhaustion costs of their rings. With the amount of discarding, you'll want each of you heroes to bring their Silver Harps and the Will of the West.