The Last Homely House: Ranging 'Round Imladris

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CashmereHammer 4

Goal: Defend (almost) everything.

This deck is in conjunction with 2 others for a fellowship, relying on an Elrohir and Grimbeorn the Old (who usually wants to take a defense each round) deck for attack, and an Elrond/Arwen Undómiel deck for threat management, healing, questing, and overall support (decks to be crosslinked below)


What does What

Shadow Cards: Armored Destrier

Card Draw: Erestor, Prepare for Battle

Resources: Steward of Gondor, Rune-master

Questing Boost: Celebrían's Stone, Dúnedain Quest Song of Hope, Sword that was Broken


Galadriel was huge for throwing attachments out for "free" despite only having one attachment that fully utilized her ability (Sword that was Broken). Also getting the ability to set the next 5 drawn cards was pretty good.

Ingold provided a bit of questing boost, but may be cut as our questing ability was quite overkill at the end.

Thalion worked very well, given that the other decks have additional copies of Gather Information as needed, meaning Thalion reached Hero status pretty quickly.

Guardian of Arnor was also a nice addition, often giving 3-4 for other players defense if I could not take all of the enemies out of the staging area.

Erestor was a really nice addition as well, allowing me to cycle cards that I did not really need to dig for better ones.

Andrath Guardsman was wonderful for cancelling the attack of the enemy I always left in front of me if I needed to ensure defenses for the rest of the group.


In the few games I played so far, using Steed of the North was more than enough readying for Aragorn to allow him to quest each round and not have need to trigger his ability. I would consider switching Aragorn for Aragorn, but that would likely need a bit more of a rework as this deck is completely at the moment.

I still felt lacking in card draw, often relying on Gléowine from the Elrond deck to draw cards. I may add in more card draw yet.

This deck also felt like it relied pretty heavily on Steward of Gondor which I would like to get away from. The only other major resource generation is Rune-master, which I never managed to draw. I may consider switching that up.


Elrohir deck:

Fellowship posting will be linked, once the last deck is posted.