the christmas tree (erestor)

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The christmas tree
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askelad 13

This deck is meant to be played in a fellowship only.

step 1: get Roheryn or as a backup Song of Battle on Aragorn ASAP

step 2: Play Gondorian Shield, Hauberk of Mail and Raven-winged Helm on the other deck's Beregond for free to ensure early defense

step 3a: get Steward of Gondor on Aragorn along with Gondorian Fire and eventually Blood of NĂºmenor. Late game punching is now taken care of.

step 3b: get Light of Valinor and Asfaloth on Glorfindel, as well as Thror's Map to deal with locations

at any point: play Ioreth and The Storm Comes

late game: spam Ioreth and Miruvor to support Treebeard, Will of the West if needed.