Hobbit Saga 3P: Bombur Counts As Two

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The Hobbit Saga 3P: Over Hill and On The Doorstep
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RidderMarc 42

Base deck for The Hobbit Saga for 3 handed play. The actual number of Radagast's Cunning, Strider's Path, Secret Paths, Expecting Mischief, Thrór's Key, and Thror's Map varied depending on if the quest was more enemy or location focused. I probably swapped in some others along the way.

Ideally Bombur can get Dúnedain Signal (from the leadership player) + Self Preservation, and then this deck can mostly avoid engaging enemies. Spare Hood and Cloak is good for him early, when he's unlikely to be used for anything.

Song of Wisdom is useful for resource smoothing and also allows A Burning Brand to be put on other players.

Fast Hitch is obviously for Bilbo. Three copies are only necessary when playing Flies and Spiders, when you want to make sure he has it. This deck should be player #1 so Bilbo can get Sting right away.


Swap out Nori & Ori and drop some of the location management. Bring in Óin & Haldir of Lórien.

Oin's tactics icon isn't used much; but two copies of Black Arrow (one in this deck and one in Tactics) makes it more likely one will be found. Haldir with Bow of the Galadhrim + Wingfoot is a force! Quest and call for an Enemy card; if one shows up, someone else can engage it and Haldir will take it down.