Vigilant keeps watch

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wehehe 680

This is my first real try to build a deck around the "Keep Watch + Arwen Undómiel + Vigilant Dúnadan" sinergy, to allow your Dúnadan to block all enemies each round.

In order to achieve that, you need to give him Sentinel, and boost his stats. Arwen Undómiel and Wild Stallion are there for this. With them in play, you'll have a Sentinel with deffense 4 and 4 heal Points which doesn't exhaust to defend, and therefore, it can counter-attack then by 3 (or even more if you attach him a Warrior Sword

While Keep Watch is the ideal side quest to sinergy with your buffed Vigilant Dúnadan's, with Thurindir you'll probably have to fetch The Storm Comes, as it is the key card which allow your deck to play Arwen Undómiel and Wild Stallion

Hirgon and Éowyn are the heroes which I find to suit better with the deck purpose, as they provide some willpower and resource acceleration.

The deck is filled with some good tactics allies to get advantage of Hirgon's ability. Also it has some cheap card draw from the lore spirit, as it really need a lot of pices to put together.

This is just a first brainstorming, but I think the deck has potential and it can be easily improved.


Oct 11, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 1138

I think this deck could be easily improved by taking out some of the allies and boosting the card draw. That would make it easier to find your main pieces, and the loss of bodies is insignificant once you have the Dunadan online.

Oct 11, 2019 wehehe 680

It probably would, but I'm not sure about what would be the best "card-draw" option. I guess Legolas would easiliy fit, maybe swaping them for Defender of Rammas. I completely forgot about him when I build the deck. But I'm not sure about what else to add.

I don't think Peace, and Thought are a good option for the deck, as I can't ready my heroes. Maybe Deep Knowledge, but I'm a little reluctant to use it if I don't play any threat control cards.

A 3rd copy of Dúnedain Pipe can also be an option... even just for increase the probabilities of draw one

Oct 11, 2019 bento 10

Hmm i do think Peace, and Thought is alright, as you can try to time it... Depends on the quest, of course. For card draw I'd put in an old favourite Gléowine, and perhaps the newer Glamdring as you have access to Lore.

For this side quest heavy deck i'd add The Road Goes Ever On -- it goes well with Thurindir.