Rohan Spirit

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Adaepholn 23

Brief Deck Description

A Rohan-themed mono-spirit deck, made with cards from the first 2 full cycles, some of the Against the Shadow cycle and the first 4 Saga boxes.

I've been playing through Shadows of Mirkwood and Dwarrowdelf two handed with this deck and a Treebeard deck and plan to play through the Against the Shadow quests I have and the saga quests. For full details see the Fellowship description.

Quest Strategy

I've found questing to be strong with the deck, especially if I get Light of Valinor and Snowmane early on. I would normally mulligan for one of those two and possibly A Test of Will or Unexpected Courage. Éowynnormally quests every round, with Glorfindel and Théoden questing if they have their attachments.

Théoden and Háma do most of the defending, sometimes boosted by Arwen Undómiel (if she is not used to boost Treebeard from the other deck). I also would sacrifice any of the cheap allies if I need to block a really strong enemy,

Attack wise, Glorfindel deals with most of it with either of the 2 attack allies or Théoden. Gamling can work well with Helm! Helm! to reuse a cheap discarded ally and to discard a strong enemy.

Herugrim usually goes on Théoden, and Unexpected Courage is almost always put on Treebeard from the other deck. I try to use Ancient Mathom for this deck to draw, as the other deck has Pippin and Peace, and Thought to draw and runs out of cards in hand less often.


The sideboard contains cards that I have used for some quests so far, and some cards I thought about using. I'm not sure about the Steeds of the Mark, they often don't have much impact, so I might replace them with West Road Travellers or 2 copies Stand and Fight.

For The Redhorn Gate and Road to Rivendell I replaced Arwen Undómiel with West Road Traveller, and for The Dead Marshes I put it a Shadow of the Past instead of a Ride to Ruin.

I welcome any feedback on the deck; I have found defending against lots of enemies at once to be a problem and dealing with encounters that have a lot of anti-ally effects to be tough as well.