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kobeljic 136

Starting version of a Dale deck. I don't have a good idea how's it going to work out so it will probably take a couple of iterations to make it right. Now this is just a collection of items that seem useful and characters with Dale trait.

No shadow or treachery cancellation. No healing as well. Threat can be reduced with Well Warned. Also this deck is quite good at questing so we could leverage Double Back as well for that purpose.

Good attachment combos:

Resources might be a problem in the early rounds. Allies should be played for free or with a big discount, but attachments need to be funded first. Traffic from Dale would help only later, which makes it a "win more" card. We might want something more suitable for more aggressive quests.

Tested it on a couple of quests. Definitely needs some healing. Specifically for "Journey up Anduin" we might want to swap To Arms! for Ride Them Down so we can clear the staging area of enemies and preventing placing progress on the main quest.