I came here to quest and chew gum, (and I'm all out of gum).

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Some Sort 3071

Nothing really fancy going on here, just a deck designed to commit obscene amounts of willpower to the quest. There's 14 allies with a 1:1 cost:willpower ratio, plus Faramir, Northern Tracker, and Gandalf, whose inclusion requires no explanation. Fili and Kili aren't quite 1:1 (3 resources for 2 willpower), but if you add in global willpower boosts, they become extremely efficient, and they thin your deck besides.

Thanks to the tried-and-true resources-and-cards combo of Arwen Undómiel and Galadriel, your pace at getting those resource-efficient allies on the table should be quite high. (It doesn't hurt that they both have scads of willpower, themselves, though Galadriel needs her ring and maybe an Unexpected Courage before you can use hers).

Steward of Gondor and Elven-light both have a solid claim to "most overpowered card in the pool", and they augment the resources-and-cards hastening of your Spirit heroes. Once you start reaching a critical mass in terms of allies on the table, Sword that was Broken and Faramir go nuts.

It feels a bit odd for me to build a deck that's not doing anything tricky or fancy or really all that clever. It just... commits willpower to the quest. Lots and lots and lots of willpower. But, you know, given that willpower is kind of important it winds up being a decent enough deck anyway.

The sideboard includes a "Glorfindel Module" that you can sub in instead of Arwen or Galadriel. Adding Glorfindel + Asfaloth/Light of Valinor/A Good Harvest reduces your starting threat, adds a bunch of combat prowess, and gives access to sweet location control.

If you sub out Arwen, you lose resource generation, (consider adding a third Steward of Gondor), and you lose your Elven-light draw engine. If you sub out Galadriel, you lose consistent draw and threat reduction, but you gain a much faster willpower ramp-up (no more waiting on Nenya)-- it's a great trade in quests that require an explosive start.

If you want to get really tricky, you can add Sword-thain, attach it to Faramir, and then give him all the Unexpected Courages. That kind of willpower is ludicrous overkill unless you're playing a four-player game and questing for everyone, but if you just want to see what kind of "theoretical maximums" you can butt up against, knock yourself out. With all three Unexpected Courages and a Sword That Was Broken, that's +5 Willpower to all characters you control. You should pretty easily be able to top 100 willpower at that point.

If you want to add a bit of combat focus, Tale of Tinúviel and Fair and Perilous can get kind of silly. Just saying.