Lothiriel's Alliance

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The Third Line of Children of Eorl
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Roka 1134

This is a deck of my 2-handed Fellowship "The third Line of Children of Eorl", that I used to beat the first two quests of Children of Eorl, the first deluxe of the A long extended Party project. With the other deck using Forth, The Three Hunters!, this one includes most of the new Rohan and Gondor allies from the deluxe, and makes benefit of the new The Last Alliance contract. This is a more questing focused deck, but can engage enemies once you get your ally swarm out, and Thengel can always work as an early game defender.

Lothíriel is the main focus of this deck and the entire Fellowship. Her husband Éomer is on the other side of the board to grant her the Rohan trait, allowing us to combine her with two new heroes from Children of Eorl that have great synergy with her. I assumed the trait granting still works besides the restriction of the contract, cause it only happens when you set up the game and don't have to worry about deckbuilding restrictions anymore, but I could be wrong.

Thengel allows us to convert the allies we put in with Lothiriel into permanent ones, as long we can discard them in the quest phase. Prime targets are Escort from Edoras and Westfold Lancer, but sometimes you even discard a Deeping Bowman for no benefit cause you want an ally that sticks around. You don't trigger Thengel every round, and he probably shines more in a pure Rohan deck, but The Last Alliance kinda compensates for this.

Ingold is our draw engine to keep our hand filled with allies to use with Lothiriel, and with his ability being limited once per phase rather then per round can even draw an extra when you put a Gondor ally in with Lothiriel (or even a Rohan one when you are willing to exhaust the contract). In the early game you mostly raise your threat to trigger his ability until you find Steward of Gondor, that goes on him and should give you plenty of ressources. Some of them you can use for Feast of Plenty, that can ready those buffed up heroes of the Three Hunters partner deck.

In the early game you will use the exhaustation effect of The Last Alliance mainly on Ingold or Knight of Belfalas for extra cards (sadly it doesn't work with Thengel), later on you mostly use it to boost all you characters willpower with Visionary Leadership or ocassionally a "ready everybody" with Éomund.

In the sideboard are some older staples from those traits that can probably improve the deck, but I wanted to try some of the newer cards.


Apr 13, 2021 doomguard 687

no The Muster of Rohan? using contract on it, all heroes can pay and you get a massive boost for that round (specially if lothiriel can use her ability on eomund) and can play discardthings.

Apr 13, 2021 Roka 1134

@doomguard Being completely honest, I simply forgot about The Muster of Rohan, and it would definetely work in this deck. But I don't think it's that strong here, cause there aren't that many Rohan discard allies and while you can get Gondor ones out with The last alliance it's more efficient to play them from hand. I rather keep Feast of Plenty for a one turn boost, would include A Very Good Tale first and at that point you would have to start to cut a lot of the allies which hurts the consistency.