Breaking of the Fellowship - Silvan Deck - Specialist Deck S

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Breaking of the Fellowship - Specialist Deck Series
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This deck is one of three that make up the Fellowship for Breaking of the Fellowship for my Specialist Deck Series.

This is a fairly straightforward Silvan deck which provides the Fellowship with a solid questing foundation and when necessary a burst of combat ability. Celeborn is the centrepiece of any Silvan deck. Galadriel can help out the other decks with her ability and Haldir of Lórien will support in combat. With a little help from the tactics deck he'll be able to snipe the enemies before they get to attack.

Onto the deck itself:

Galadhrim Healer - There's quite a lot of archery in this quest and we have only limited capacity for healing. Of course, we also want a good number of Silvan allies for playing and to find with The Tree People.

Galadhrim Minstrel - One of our key Silvan allies since it allows us to fetch up our excellent Silvan events. We're unlikely to draw our whole deck, but even so, in combination with our next card, we can recycle our best events to use again.

Galadhrim Weaver - Most importantly this is a one cost Silvan ally, perfect for getting our up early in the game. More than that, she let's us potentially reuse cards from our discard pile. Possibly our events, but also cards we have discarded due to Mirror of Galadriel.

Galadriel's Handmaiden - A core ally for the Silvan deck. Great stats and her ability is great for managing threat, especially in multiplayer. Even better if we get to play her more than once.

Greenwood Archer - A great ranged attacker, especially outside of . His ability has a number of applications, most obviously to allow Galadriel to use her ability and Nenya in the same turn. If we manage to get him in play later in the turn thanks to The Tree People, then he can really show his worth.

Greenwood Defender - The only decent defender in our deck. Ideally we won't be engaging too many enemies, but there will certainly be turns where that is unavoidable. Better if Arwen Undómiel is in play for another deck because then he can defend the whole table with 4 for a round.

Naith Guide - Another of our core Silvan allies. This ability will be useful on any turn, and gets even better in multiplayer. In this fellowship there are several possible targets.

Orophin - An excellent unique Silvan ally. There is a reasonable chance some of our allies will end up in the discard pile and we're always happy to have a way to replay them. On top of that, Orophin has great stats, offering 3 and 3 ranged on his first turn.

Silvan Tracker - Our Silvan specific healing solution. There might not be a better anti-archery card in the game. It's unfortunate that so many Silvans only have 1 , but even by himself he can heal our Silvan heroes every turn.

Woodland Courier - We don't have a particular location control strategy for this quest, but we are fortunate in that a number of locations have the Forest Trait, increasing the potency of this card. Two uses will clear the locations in question so we only need one effect to return to our hand.

Light of Valinor - Not a key part of the deck, but there is no competition from other decks so it's a nice bonus here. Intended for use on Haldir to maximise our questing, although if combat seems more of an issue it goes equally well on Celeborn.

Mirror of Galadriel - One of the best card drawing/tutoring effects in the game since we get to do it every turn. It's annoying to discard the card we want but usually worth the gamble. Keep lots of cards in hand to reduce the risk. Galadhrim Weaver is there when we really want to get the card back.

Nenya - The only way to use Galadriel's amazing 4 . I would keep the option available in the quest phase in case it is needed, and if not then we can use Galadriel's own ability instead. With Greenwood Archer we can do both.

O Lórien! - One of the key cards in this deck. We have barely any resource generation so this will be extremely important to the functioning of our tri-sphere deck. Prioritise finding this with Galadriel and her mirror.

The Elvenking - A great utility card. We are just as likely to want to use this to replay our Silvans as we are to ready our heroes (of course we get to do both). Goes equally well on Celeborn and Haldir although it's probably easier to get multiple uses out of Haldir thanks to his ranged attacks.

Elf Guide - Our first Silvan event. This one is an excellent utility card - it's not the most powerful effect, but great when we just want to get another use out of our allies. Note that the resource can be given to heroes from other decks.

Feigned Voices - A very useful effect and one we are likely to want in this quest. Again, the ability to help out other decks with this makes it much more useful.

Quicker Than Sight - There are a couple of nasty shadows in this quest and this can save a hero at a key moment.

The Tree People - One of the strongest Silvan cards and best reasons to play this deck. The value is extremely high and we have a large number of Silvan allies to make the most of it. Our most explosive turns will be thanks to this card.