Light of Valinor Goes on Círdan

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apparentlyalvin 67

A deck to support another deck running Fellowship. As that deck cannot play or put into play non-unique allies, this deck must do it for them. Ceorl and Emery help to get the Fellowship contract up and running sooner, so that all of those Blue Mountain Traders can get their +1 +1 +1s.

Starting Hand

Highest priority is Emery. She helps get the Fellowship contract up and running sooner, which is the whole point of this fellowship.

Get those Resourcefuls out as early as you can, because you aren't going to be Secret as long as you want to be, and you aren't going to have any spare cash at any point in the game. Necklace of Girion acts as a backup Resourceful, just be mindful of whatever will wind up guarding it.

An early Strider lets Glorfindel go to the quest, because those Lights of Valinor aren't for him.

Nenya's nice for getting over early questing hurdles, but a Light of Valinor'd Círdan (from the other deck) gets a lot of work done, freeing up Galadriel to lower threat and search for much-needed cards.

Worst case, starting with Gather Information lets you basically start with any card you want.


We already discussed some of these. Give 'em all to the other deck. Put horsies on 'em if you have the time (and money).


You really want to be Secret, so that enemies don't run at you and so you can afford your Resourcefuls. Use Galadriel on yourself to keep your threat low and your hand full. The other deck has plenty of card draw in Círdan the Shipwright, and while they will constantly bemoan their "high" starting threat, you really have to stay strong and focus on your own needs first.

But really, the other deck should probably receive all of the threat reduction from The Galadhrims' Greetings.


Glorfindel can attack decently enough, and the Fellowship deck has a few ways to put Sentinel on its people. They can also help out with ranged, cuz enemies these days tend to have more armor than not. Listen, the other deck is the workhorse, this deck is just the enabler. If enemies are running at you, something has gone horribly wrong.