fellowshipcontract, caldara

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fellowship of fellowships
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doomguard 1245

my 1. fellowship-contract-deck i did not do it before because it seems to weak for my taste. the restrictions are to high for the possible benefit that might not come before lategame. so if the contract flipps earlier, it could be worth it. what possibilities are there to achieve that?

of course "cheat-in" there comes caldara into mind. a mixture of cheap characters played normally and expensive cheated in, could do the work. (i perhaps try another deck with secrecy and very good tale, we will see...)

to profit from caldara, you need much spirit-heroes and discarding. so Arwen Undómiel and Dáin Ironfoot seems the best. another option would be Legolas but then you lacks either defense, or do not have the possibility of more ressoursses.

you should be able to flipp mostly in round 3 or 4 what i consider solid midgame.

playing advice:

  • mulligan for Prince Imrahil or Sword-thain + free ally (Emery or Galion )
  • try to discard expensive spirit-allies with arwen and Dain
  • 4-cost-allies are possible in 1 round with Arwen Undómiel s ability
  • play Wilyador only if you can hold him or in desperate need
  • use caldara as soon you get up to the 9.th char in play with her ability, if there are enough allies in the discard

Aug 02, 2022 Alonewolf87 1561

You could even consider adding some copies of Fortune or Fate, since you could bring back Caldara after you flip the contract to act as 10th member of the fellowship that also gets the boosts (or as a 9th for an emergency flip back if you lost someone else).

Aug 02, 2022 doomguard 1245

good idea!

Aug 02, 2022 BlackArrow 107

forget Jubayr? :)

I would also replace Dwalin with either Lindir or Elrohir they at least have better stats

As for the rest of the deck, looks pretty solid! I know it's had with limited space, but Ancient Mathom would well be worth it for the card draw.

Aug 02, 2022 doomguard 1245

@BlackArrow i did not. but i think Dáin Ironfoot + perhaps Armor of Erebor + Unexpected Courage is enough defending. Dwalin has sentinel and could wear the last armour. swapping 1 Derufin with either lindir or elrohir might be a good choice.

because i play mostly multiplayer, i am not this much a friend o Ancient Mathom