Eomer and Imrahil Lead the Charge

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Birdman's Con of the Rings '22 Decks (1/2)
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Birdman137 30

With Con of the Rings fast approaching, I thought I'd start publishing some of the decks I plan to bring. I'll start with this one since it's the deck I've tested the most. Prince Imrahil and Éomer are two of my favorite heroes and their abilities happen to synergize very well. And who better to take advantage of those abilities than Lothíriel! I also have a special affection for the Rohirrim so this deck really is one of my favorites.

The goal is to have an ally pop in and out of play every round using Lothiriel's ability so having Horn of the Mark early is crucial to prevent running out of cards. If you don't find it in your opening hand, Ancient Mathom, Valiant Sacrifice, and Gandalf can help you find it. Another key early game attachment is Gondorian Shield which goes on Imrahil to set him up as a defender. With a decent opening hand you can easily quest for 7, defend for 4, and attack for 5.

Mid-game you are looking to get Armored Destrier on Imrahil and Firefoot + War Axe on Eomer. Unexpected Courage usually gets played on Imrahil, but could go on Eomer, especially if Imrahil already has Armored Destrier. I tried to include a good balance of allies you want to use with Lothiriel's ability and allies you want to put into play to build up the board state. Some, like Westfold Horse-breeder or Envoy of Pelargir could go either way, while others like Éomund, Escort from Edoras, and Westfold Lancer are almost exclusively played with Lothiriel's ability. I've found that the board state can build a bit slowly, but with boosted heroes with some built-in readying, you can survive for a while until you get some bodies on the table.

By late-game, you should be questing and attacking for a ton. Having access to some healing really benefits this deck, especially if there is archery or treacheries that damage characters. Other than healing though, this deck can handle most aspects of the game fairly well.


Aug 25, 2022 NERD 178

This deck would benefit from a Gondorian Shield. Nice deck overall!

Aug 25, 2022 Birdman137 30

Take a closer look...

Aug 25, 2022 Birdman137 30

Thank you! Also, take a closer look under attachments... :D