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ArtAngel 74


I've decided to share some of the decks me and my friend group play with for particular cycles. This is Deck #2 in a 2-player fellowship, played by myself while other player gets Deck #1. For more in-depth overhaul regarding structure and thought behind those decks please check out the fellowship description! (e.g. no shared cards in Decks #1, sticking strictly to the theme).

Dwarrowdwelf cycle didn't really developed any other archetypes apart from Dwarves. Sure we got introduced to Elrond with Vilya and Glorfindel with Light of Valinor but using what are arguably the best cards in the game this early didn't seem sufficient. We also got some of the Secrecy cards and among them is one, Out of the Wild, that would later start the mechanic working around Victory Display. So with that in mind and the fact that this niche archetype didn't fit in other fellowships, here goes the Rossiel deck. Revolving mostly around cancelation effects and with the sole nature of those type of decks, it's really hard to estimate its real value. Maybe you just saved the game by sending this encounter card to victory display or maybe it didn't really matter. For sure this deck isn't as flashy as others and might even seem underpowered but given how early cycles weren't as demanding and only some of the encounter cards made a lot of trouble, cancelling them with this deck at least ensures that the game won't end cause you revealed something absolutety horrible. And yes, something like A Test of Will basically outshines the whole concept of setting up cards to cancel them, but were is fun in that. Anyway this deck has more to offer than just that.

General strategy

Mulligan for either Mirror of Galadriel or Nenya. In eariler versions of this deck Galadriel would also hold to on to Silver Harp to make an ultimate drawing machine but you would need at least three turns just to set this up. So instead of using Mirror of Galadriel aggresively, it more-so allows you to grab some needed cards, especially those victory display events or maybe some attachments on Rossiel. Nenya not only gets you 4 adjustment after questing but in this deck it most imporantly makes it a mono-lore deck, hence the low quantity of cards. Try to get some locations or enemies into victory display early on to trigger Rossiel effects and set up for Keen as Lances and The Door is Closed!. When given to opportunity also try to send there the most obnoxious treacheries (looking at you, Sleeping Sentry).

Galadriel obviously holds onto to above-mentioned attachments. Around 80% of time you want to use her built in ability though. It either gets you more choices for victory display shenanigans, cards to discard for Protector of Lórien or Keen Longbow or just straight up save from Balrog. Unfortunately allies in this deck aren't that powerful but her in-built advantage is always nice.

Haldir of Lórien is a choice made basically solely for this cycle. It's very well known for swarming little goblins that coincidentally take 3 to destroy. For enemies with slightly more or we have Keen Longbow to pierce some more damage, hopefuly sniping bad guys in one go. And speaking of sniping - that's the best part of this guy. Even when both deck in fellowship have fairly mid to high starting threat while the goblins have low engagement cost, Haldir of Lórien can snipe when they are engaging only the Dwarf deck, since it's a combat action. So let's say Deck#1 engages some wimpy goblin and Haldir of Lórien can kill it before it even makes a move, making it even sort of shadow-cancelation effects

Rossiel ties togheter all the victory display effects in this deck. All the other attachments should go on her so she can defend safely. Magic Ring works quite well, giving much more flexbility and +1 isn't that bad with Galadriel. When choosing what to do with her - it really depends. With either Magic Ring or Lembas feel free to quest and then use those attachment to ready her for some surprise defence. Without them it depends on the board state, whether you want to quest to advance or maybe you know some enemy is gonna come so you leave her for combat.

General tips

Allies in this deck serve more of a niche role. Both Silvan Tracker and Daughter of the Nimrodel provide additional healing. Woodland Sentry can discard some problematic card, though it's hard to set up. Mirkwood Runner serves as an insurance when some smaller enemies engage this deck and since most of them have 2 he can destroy them in one go. Galadhrim Minstrel obviously works well with fetching those events, while Silvan Refugee probably won't stay long but gives a lot of for 1 resource. Henamarth Riversong, even in two-player game, has its uses. Looking at shadows or some quest specific mechanics - basically grants free win in the Watcher in the Water. Gildor Inglorion on the other hand isn't here really for his ability but this deck really needed some more beefier ally.

Both attachments and events were either mentioned above or are quite self-explanatory. Even though Out of the Wild should be used mostly in secrecy, it's one of two ways to get rid of treacheries. Other being Scout Ahead which can also set a really easy turn or two.


That pretty much covers the basics of this deck. Please keep in mind it is designed to play with the other deck in a fellowship and for a particular cylce in a game. This decks is meant to represent most powerful combination of cards in a given archetype, but feel free to leave a comment regarding them, as even after some years of using them I change them slightly after some thought :) Feel free to try them, even with new players as I did!


Aug 08, 2023 NERD 721

Your deck descriptions deserve more attention!

Aug 08, 2023 ArtAngel 74

@NERD Thanks, that's really nice to hear!