Rangers come forth

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Wizenedstaff 30

I built this deck to try out Lore-agorn. Threating out was always a worry with Dunedain decks I'd built in the past and I am learning to enjoy the play style of keeping enemies around. You want your heroes to be hardy so Dúnedain Warning and Dúnedain Remedy are nice to see in your opening hand. There are a number of key attachments in this deck so Galadriel is worth paying for. Aragorn is meant to enable a four-sphere deck and help pay for Leadership cards through Celebrían's Stone and Sword that was Broken respectively. Heir of Valandil helps with costs as well, as does Elf-stone. You'll also be happy to see Eldahir and Guardian of Arnor to take the pressure off Amarthiul as the primary defender. Feint, which is always an option if Amarthiul has a resource, and Andrath Guardsman further allow you to avoid enemy attacks you'd rather not face. Once you have enemies engaged, Sarn Ford Sentry can provide excellent card draw. This is the strongest questing Dunedain deck I've built, partly due to Aragorn's legendary sword but also due to the Core set staples of Radagast's Cunning and Secret Paths for making it through early rounds. Celebrían's Stone on Aragorn also gives you access to Hasty Stroke for nasty shadow effects. It isn't a deck for every quest, but I had a lot of fun playing it against Into the Pit and Conflict at the Carrock, where Aragorn's reset ability can be decisive. I also had a lot of fun just running through Return to Mirkwood!