The Storm Comes!

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ksym77 203

This is an experimental deck built around the synergies between The Storm Comes, Kahliel and Lord of Morthond. Dúnedain Message can pull the crucial side quest from the deck but if this is not forthcoming then off-sphere Harad allies can be paid for using Kahliel's ability. The early questing power comes from the heroes, Dwarven Sellswords and Elven Jewelers (who can be put into play by discarding if needed early or paid for once The Storm Comes has been completed to trigger Lord of Morthond) or simply by using Sneak Attack or Reinforcements to play off-sphere or expensive allies to help with questing.

Once The Storm Comes is in the victory display it is considerably easier to pay for the Harad allies who are all extremely strong in their particular field and can be readied with Kahliel's ability or by Faramir. Plus with Lord of Morthond on the table they all come with a free card which can provide more allies or discard fodder for Kahliel.

The allies - especially the Haradrim - are the main focus of the deck and so the events mostly focus on getting further actions out of them (Grim Resolve, Faramir), putting them into play for a phase at a lower cost (Sneak Attack, Reinforcements) or simply providing the resources to pay for them (Captain's Wisdom, Théodred).

With three copies of Dunedain Message it seems wrong to play less than three side quests and so also included are Prepare for Battle and Send for Aid, both of which can play a valuable role for the deck. Prepare for Battle allows for even further card draw to fuel Kahliel, Reinforcements and Sneak Attacks whilst Send for Aid allows another strong ally to be put into play at no cost.

There is no doubt that this deck would probably function better with Steward of Gondor or Hirluin the Fair (or both) but I definitely consider that Steward kind of breaks the game with its constant resource production so I wanted to avoid it if possible and Outlands are powerful but somewhat boring and linear to play - there is definitely something much more satisfying about forming a team of powerful unique allies! That being said, Hirluin definitely makes an excellent partner for Kahliel so more difficult quests might call for the powers of Harad and the Outlands to be combined.


Feb 09, 2017 Beorn 13474

Nice deck! Using Dúnedain Message to find your copy of The Storm Comes is a nice touch. I like that this cycle is encouraging decks with powerful unique allies (especially because it is giving us more of them with the Harad allies). Using Faramir to provide ally action advantage makes good sense too. Captain's Wisdom is so powerful, I'm glad that they gave him the Noble trait.

Feb 09, 2017 Sicaire 79

Nice deck indeed! I like how the Harad mechanic can work with just a few cards inserted in many different decks, leaving plenty design space. Just wondering if you noticed that you could include multiple copies of The Storm Comes in your deck since it is not limited to one per deck, only to one in the victory display. It would save the one resource required to play Dúnedain Message to find it, though as it is, it does allow you to get any side quest you need at a given time. The deck would obviously benefit from A Very Good Tale with so many strong allies and Reinforcements allowing you to bring 2 of those on the table from turn 1 and also since you can bring back Harad allies with Kahliel's Headdress if one is discarded through this effect.

Feb 09, 2017 Zatara 194

I made a deck using Harad cards. Mine is boring compared to this. Great deck! Thanks for sharing.

Feb 10, 2017 ksym77 203

@Beorn - Thank you! I am also a big fan of the way powerful unique allies are becoming more of a thing and I love the way that Kahliel allows duplicates of the same ally you have in play to not only be useful but actually grant a powerful effect. Totally agreed on the power of Captain's Wisdom with Kahliel - he is the best target since Denethor!

@Sicaire - Thank you! I find that the flexibility of Dúnedain Message to fetch the other side quests later makes up for the resource required to play it and allows me to have effectively four copies of The Storm Comes whilst hopefully minimising the number of unplayable cards later. A Very Good Tale is certainly a powerful card and something I will definitely try out - especially if I find I don't need some of the cheap allies as they can easily make way for it.

@Zatara - Thank you! I love how Harad decks are already valid archetype with many possible builds after just one pack!

Feb 10, 2017 DazeMan 710

@ksym77 I like the deck, I think you have found a good home for Kahliel and his friends. Have you been able to complete all three side quests in your play through a with this deck? I personally have not been bold enough to try more than one. Nice work!

Feb 10, 2017 ksym77 203

@DazeMan - Thank you! In one trial game against Journey Down the Anduin I managed to get all three side quests into the victory display before the end of Stage 1, but otherwise so far the maximum I have managed is two. Once The Storm Comes is up and running the remaining side quests are more of a nice bonus than essential to the deck but I have definitely appreciated either the free Ally or the extra card whenever they have come up!

Sep 29, 2019 bento 15

I'm building this and i was thinking that some side quest specific allies might be great, namely Vigilant Dúnadan and Rider of Rohan, and maybe Halfast Gamgee.

Have you found any need for more readying for the heroes? I'm also thinking of putting one each of Steed of the North and Heir of Mardil, but i'm not sure the heroes truly need more readying with such strong allies in play.

Love this deck!