RCO Noldor - Lords of the Eldar (MD)

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Mormegil 3451

This deck is part of Mormegil’s Deckbox, an effort to create an extensive catalogue of decks for the different archetypes, themes and playing styles available to players. Click here to check out the whole project.

Preferred Player Count: 1-4



A Noldor deck built around the amazing amount of card draw Erestor provides. You utilize your huge card advantage to swarm out a decent army of allies, boosting them (once your deck runs out) with Lords of the Eldar, which you can play twice every round due to having 6 spirit resources every round (two normally, 2 more with Steward of Gondor which goes on Círdan the Shipwright, 1 through the ability of Arwen Undómiel and the last one (if need be) with Magic Ring).

How To Play

Look for some form of resource acceleration in your opening hand, most notably To the Sea, to the Sea! or the Steward/Reforged combo. From there on, you want to play as many allies as you can to have a decent outlook for very impactful Lords of the Eldar later on.


Elrond and Double Back become very attractive prospects in higher player counts, A Very Good Tale and Envoy of Pelargir are cards I recommend if you want to maximize your swarm potential (maybe against quests that need lots of stats/bodies early on). Will of the West can also be a solution to fix your lack of deck late on, I personally prefer going the Lords of the Eldar-route however.



May 13, 2024 Calaquendi 1

I don't have all these cards but been playing similar deck with these heroes / lords recycle strategy as a Solo player, was this close to being a 4.5 star for you or settled comfortably at 4 star?

May 13, 2024 Mormegil 3451

I think it is a pretty solid 4. Keep in mind however that my rating is scaled on nightmare quests witha full cardpool - i.e. a deck with 5 is close to a One Deck, a deck with 4 should still beat above 90% of quests, a deck with 2 stars is far from bad but probably more geared towards normal quests etc., even a 1 means more novel but still fairly playable, a 1 doesn't at all mean trash.

If the ratings would go from 1=trash to 5=great (as some people will naturally assume) and then this deck would certainly be a 4.5, however I had very little incentive to rate that way since I would have then almost published no decks below a 3 (since I do not really see a point in building dysfunctional decks).

May 13, 2024 Calaquendi 1

Got it thanks! Thanks again for all the content, love deck building but don’t have great deal of spare time so all these tried and tested are much appreciated to maximize scenario time!