Dunedain of the North

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Set Up

Game Play

Gilraen can start as the main defender once Gift of Foresight is attached.

The goal is to buff Aragorn and use him and his abilities on allies to attack and defend.

Halbarad and Thurindir are the main questers although Aragorn will come in once he has Andúril and Celebrían's Stone.

Update: After realizing my mistake of starting Aragorn as a neutral hero, I've switched him out for Aragorn to hopefully mimic the same gameplay. I've also included Thorongil for the possibility of switching out to Aragorn. Thanks @alonewolf87

2.2 Version - switched out some allies and attachments to the sideboard to add more attachments (A Burning Brand, Athelas, Blood of Númenor, Dúnedain Warning, Dúnedain Remedy). I don't think Wingfoot is reliable enough in this deck to be used effectively or for much value