The nine walkers

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LordTh 67

This deck has only five different allies in total!!! The deck contains (if you play a saga quest) all the members of the fellowship. If you choose to play this deck in another quest I would actually switch out Merry to Frodo Baggins and then of course they are only the eight walkers...

This deck is mostly fun and is not a real power deck, though I did finish Desert Crossing from "the Sand of Harad" deluxe expansion (I did switch out Merry to Frodo Baggins) and I also finished the whole "Land of Shadow" Saga expansion with this deck (not in campaign mode).

Opening hand:

I would recommend to have at least one Fast Hitch in your starting hand to place on Merry so he can both quest and reduce your threat. At least one of the other members should be in your starting hand, I would recommend either Sam Gamgee or Gandalf. If you are lucky you could get both Captain's Wisdom and Steward of Gondor to play it on turn one. Other than that different quests need different cards so you have to use your own judgement of what you think you need.


The deck is built to have all the nine walkers out in play. Because there are so few allies there is place for a lot of attachment. So the easiest thing is to power up Aragorn with Steward of Gondor, Sword that was Broken, Celebrían's Stone, Roheryn, Blood of Númenor, Gondorian Fire and a lot of Unexpected Courage. With all of these cards you should be able to quest, block and attack the enemies. The biggest weakness is that the deck has NO healing what so ever. I have not taken the quest to a hard "archery" quest, yet, but I would say this deck would have a hard time with these quests. In the sideboard I have included Athelas, Healing Herbs and Self Preservation to heal your fellowship. Which you prefer to include is up to you. I do not know what to exclude from the deck, but probably switch out some of the unique attachments.

Saga quest:

This deck is nice to play in the quest where you have Frodo Baggins as a saga hero. But of course you can´t play it in campaign mode, because later on you will have Aragorn as a saga hero. I included the Fellowship of the Ring as an attachment in the sideboard just for thematic sense.

OBS! As I said in the beginning, this deck is more of a fun deck for the thematic players who would like to use the whole fellowship in, for example "A long dark" and smash in the Balrogs face (I do not know if they can do this but if you try leave a comment). So try it out it is actually more powerful than you would think, it cannot beat any quest but some of the weaker ones. Give it a try and comment. :)