Art of War

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死锁 264

a deck have waited for Open the Armory so long.This deck really need a searcher of Armor.

It's just a common mono tactics deck,the origin of this deck is built for The battle of the Pelennor Fields.After the quest I perfect it because I like mono tactics and it interest me.

This deck has no Weapon attachment (Raiment of War not count), Gimli is a sparetime defender at first and become a excellent attacker after he have Citadel Plate and have enough damage.Beregond is alway a ideal defender and can use extra Citadel Plate in a low cost.Raiment of War is perfect for ally but Beregond and Gimli also can use in an emergency.No weapon system reduce the number of attachment so that I can use some thing else.

This deck good at attack,range,defend and sentinel.Defender of Rammas+Raiment of War or Honour Guard+Derndingle Warrior is awesome.Those silvan allys and Gimli can attack enemys in anywhere efficiently.This deck has no way to draw extra cards expect Legolas,draw one and play one is enough because each card is not cheap but worth it.

This deck is a little bit slow and use Éowyn can accelerate it,change Mablung,3x Proud Hunters,The Red Arrowand Tireless Hunters,to Éowyn,Guthlaf,Feint and 2x Khazâd! Khazâd!.


Dec 12, 2017 ErstwhileNortherner 1

This is a cool defense-oriented deck. Have you considered Master Ironsmith to get all that armor in use? Also, giving Hirgon a shot instead of Mablung could be worthwhile to get those allies in play while questing.

Btw, I believe Derndingle Warrior’s action will be canceled out if you cancel the damage with Honour Guard.

Dec 12, 2017 死锁 264

@ErstwhileNortherner I have considered Hirgon,he is little bit like Mablung and I like his ablity which can raise my threat.but Hirgon has only 1 which means he can't be a defender So that he can't make a good use of extra Gondorian Shield.But I think I need to test more to make sure which is better.

I didin't considered Master Ironsmith before because I didin't use Hirgon,save 3 resource on one hero is quite stupid.Even if I use Hirgon,It only worth 3 resource when play Citadel Plate on Gimli because I don't need a 1112 cost 1,which means it's a two card combo. I don't plan to draw too much card So It's easy that only have one of them.

I have ask some authoritative player about Derndingle Warrior+Honour Guard combo is "legal" or not,and they say yes.In this game "deal damage" as a cost just means you have to try to deal damage,it will still be counted if you use other ablity to cancel the damege.Please tell me in the first time if you find evidence in rulebook,thanks.

Dec 12, 2017 ErstwhileNortherner 1

Good points there. For Derndingle Warrior & Honour Guard, check Caleb’s anwer here toward the bottom of the page

The cards discussed therein are different, but the principle still applies (cancellation of damage that triggers an ability).

Dec 13, 2017 死锁 264

@ErstwhileNortherneryes,you are right.lotr is no different with other lcgs.But I can't find a way replace them now,and they also work without combo.maybe I will change them later.

Sep 14, 2021 West from the Sea 6

@死锁was this a solo deck?

Sep 14, 2021 死锁 264

@West from the Sea of course not.