Shields of Gondor, Bows of the Galadhrim (GenCon 2017)

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PeaceAndThought 105

This deck is for providing ranged and sentinel defense in order to allow other players' decks to do their own thing. Denethor provides the early jump by regularly passing his resources to Beregond, who loads up with Gondorian Shield, Armored Destrier and Cram to provide a stout wall of defense. Meanwhile, Legolas rides a Rohan Warhorse and wields either a Rivendell Blade or a Bow of the Galadhrim, and loads up on DĂșnedain Marks to slay enemies. Eventually, Denethor can get his own Gondorian Shield and Armored Destrier. This allows him to block enemies directly engaged with you, freeing up Beregond to more fully focus on providing blocks to other players.

Every ally has its place. Derndingle Warrior can provide further sentinel blocks to friends, and Vassal of the Windlord and Galadhon Archer provide ranged support. Of particular help is that you can actually stack bows and blades on the Galadhon Archer (no hero restrictions on either card), which turns him into a powerful killing machine. I usually keep Azain Silverbeard and Gandalf around so direct damage tokens can be dumped onto any enemy at will. This can often pull another player out of the fire, so to speak.

All the events are pretty standard in this deck. The only oddball is Common Cause, which I almost never use. However, in this deck it can work beautifully. Once the deck is up and running, Beregond or Denethor can often provide all necessary blocks and still be ready through the use of Armored Destrier. Playing Common Cause provides maximum efficiency if you use it to ready Legolas for yet more attacks.

I'm currently debating whether or not The Day's Rising is much use here. It can be easily swapped out for anything in the sideboard. Raiment of War is an option if you find the Galadhon Archer too squishy, and Spear of the Citadel is an alternative for those who want a little more direct damage.

The current downside of this deck is that it can stall out in terms of card draw, despite Foe-hammer, Gandalf and Valiant Sacrifice. Suggestions would be welcome here.

This deck works very well with the Noldor Cost Two! deck, which can provide Unexpected Courage for Beregond and Legolas. Narya can also ready some of these beefy allies.

I hope to continue providing tweaks throughout the summer--very excited to bring this to GenCon 2017 as part of a two-deck Fellowship.


Jun 25, 2017 Wandalf the Gizzard 491

If you're going to gen con, I'd suggest swapping Valiant Sacrifice for Campfire Tales, because you'll be playing in high player counts.

Jun 25, 2017 PeaceAndThought 105

Great idea, @WandalftheGizzard!