Noldor Cost Two! (GenCon 2017)

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PeaceAndThought 135

This deck takes its direct inspiration from Seastan's Everything Costs Two deck. I encourage everyone to check it out--it's a lot of fun to play.

Utilize Galdor of the Havens's response during setup to ditch things like Elven-light or The Evening Star in order to pull Zigil Miner. Once he's up and running, you can rest easy, because a full 88% of this deck costs two (or is Hidden Cache!). You'll rake in resources and quickly be able to put your entire hand into play, at which point you use Galdor's action to do it all over again. Arwen Undómiel allows you perfect resource smoothing, since all three heroes are Noldor.

My big tweak from Seasan's original deck was to jettison Beregond, or rather move him to this deck, to provide much-needed sentinel support. I replaced him with Círdan the Shipwright, who can utilize Narya to supercharge the allies in this or other decks--my favorite targets being Quickbeam and Wandering Ent. Cirdan's high threat makes Inspiring Presence a powerhouse card in multiplayer.

This deck is incredibly fast. I've been able to muster 20+ Willpower by turn three. Celebrían's Stone, Ethir Swordsman and Galadriel's Handmaiden provide consistent questing power. The Ents are versatile, and Warden of Healing, Erebor Hammersmith and Gléowine provide good utility. You just need to watch out that you don't accidentally lose both copies of Will of the West, or you can stall badly.

It's fun to go back to this deck every time a new expansion comes out, swapping new 2-cost cards in and out to see what works best.

I hope to continue providing tweaks throughout the summer--very excited to bring this to GenCon 2017 as part of a two-deck Fellowship.