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ohuerc 227

A new twist on the Three Wise Men! Since the other deck has all my attachments, I can focus on what the Gandalf/Vilya deck is really good at:

  1. Super-expensive allies and attachments
  2. Super-cheap events that can be played at any time

The only attachments in here are the expensive ones, the ones that Bilbo Baggins can search for, and the green ones. The other deck has more trouble playing those, so it's worth having them here instead. My plan is to get Sword-thain and Unexpected Courage onto Faramir for ridiculous quest power, but there are several good options for those cards.

There are many events here that "should" be played during a specific phase of the turn, but there are very few that CAN'T be played at other times. A Test of Will, Strider's Path, A Watchful Peace, and The Houses of Healing need to be used or moved out of the way. I don't WANT to play Flame of Anor, Hidden Cache, Power of Orthanc, or Second Breakfast when I don't have a good reason to, but if I absolutely must to unblock the deck, I will.

Speaking of which, I'll want to replace Power of Orthanc with Bulwark of the West as soon as it's available.

As usual there are many ways to unblock the deck: Zigil Miner, Gléowine from the other deck, Gandalf's Staff, Imladris Stargazer. This time I have no Master of the Forge for obvious reasons, but I have TWO Wizard Pipes! Since I brought in Radagast, I decided to bring Landroval back and see if he's less useless.

I'm also trying a new combo to see if it works in 2-player: Path of Need and Strider's Path. I've aimed to build this fellowship strong enough that it doesn't really NEED the Path, but if we can string it along for a turn or two, it could boost our strength dramatically at a key moment. With Second Breakfast and Will of the West, I'll have many chances to play it again.

In the sideboard: a bunch of stuff that is useful, but probably not quiiiiite as useful as the stuff I'm actually using.