To Horse!

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TheChad 2709

Seems odd that a deck named; To Horse! would only have 6 horses in it, but let me explain.

I have tried to build Elfhelm decks before and had limited success. I threw a lot of mounts in the deck and tried to get the balance right, I tried including a hero or Song of Wisdom to generate card draw. is not great in an Elfhelm deck since he does not boost heroes. I wondered if there was a way to maximize the odds of drawing a limited number of mounts without . Gúthwinë was the answer.

Opening Hand

Look for Elven-light first, Steward of Orthanc and Westfold Horse-breeder second.


This deck revolves around the idea that you draw a lot of cards in your first few turns so you have options available as needed. With taken care of by Arwen and allies, Elfhelm defending, Eomer killing you can survive the first couple rounds as you build your board.

There are 2 main combos you need to try to set up:

Elven-light is a resource and card draw engine. With Steward of Orthanc in play and Keys of Orthanc on Arwen Undómiel you can discard Elven-light to gain a resource, spend that resource to play Elven-light and trigger the steward so you draw 2 cards, gain your resource back via the keys. End result, Doomed 1 to draw 2 cards.

Play the horse-breeder to dig for a mount, get her into your discard pile somehow (archery, chumping, treacheries). Éomer equipped with Guthwine can return her to your hand after he kills an enemy. Play her again to find another mount.

Ancient Mathom and We Are Not Idle are here to increase your card draw (Steward + We are not Idle is a good combo as well).

Once your board is set with one or both of these combos you can easily play allies and attachments.

Rune-master goes on Elfhelm and Dúnedain Remedy can smooth your resources while healing. He also gets a Golden Shield and Armored Destrier. With a couple Dúnedain Warnings he defends for 6 or 7.

Eomer rides Firefoot and wields Guthwine to attack for 8, 10 if an ally leaves play. Pull back Escort from Edoras instead of the breeder once you have your mounts.

Arwen rides 2 mounts, Windfola lets her quest for 5, Steed of Imladris lets her discard more Elven-lights to fuel card draw. If you don't have a light in your hand discard a Rohan ally to be brought back thanks to Guthwine.

Final Thoughts

I am very pleased that Steward of Orthanc and Guthwine have been able to help with some problems I have had when building solo Rohan/mount decks that do not include . I think in multi-player a deck that runs some mounts would be an ideal companion to this deck. Especially one with Théoden and Snowmane.


Dec 01, 2017 Yepesnopes 366

I like the deck :) Any idea how would you modify it to make it multiplayer friendly?

Dec 01, 2017 jtwilliams37 87

I love it! I was literally just building something like this except with Theoden instead of Arwen! Great ideas, thanks for posting.

Dec 01, 2017 GrandSpleen 370

Like the Guthwine + Horse-breeder tech. I used her to accelerate draw in my own Elfhelm/mount deck a while back, but I had Born Aloft, chump+Dwarven Tomb or Stand and Fight, and Ride to Ruin+Gamling to help recycle her. It was a multi-player deck so it had more mounts and spread them around the table (after setting up Tactics Theoden of course).

Dec 01, 2017 jtwilliams37 87

Since you have a lot of allies that are going to be leaving play, have you considered Valiant Sacrifice?

Dec 02, 2017 TheChad 2709

thanks for the comments jtwilliams37. I thought about VS in this deck, the problem is the Leadership resource, I've found I need it for other things. We are not Idle draws you 1 card, and its free. Ancient Mathon and the Breeder and Eleven Light and the Steward will fill your hand. If I was to include VS, I would probably drop Ancient Mathom. In Multi-player I would include more Quick Strikes since you will have more enemies in play. I would also have some other mounts to throw under the other heroes. I think I would drop the keys and stewards just because the Doomed hurts others and its a way in solo to get going fast, with another deck(s) at the table you can afford to have a slower start. Or I would drop the Signal stuff if the other players could heal you. Good luck

Dec 02, 2017 OKTarg 53

You should drop four mounts and call it "Two Horse"

Dec 02, 2017 Seastan 15086

What I really like here is the Keys of Orthanc-Steward of Orthanc-Elven-light combo. This is the first deck I've seen with these 3 cards. Nice one Chad!

I know you have the Breeder here but I might find room for a 3rd Firefoot. With Elfhelm in play Eomer swings for 8 (with carryover damage) with just that one attachment when an ally leaves play. It would be nice to get it really quick.

Dec 03, 2017 TheChad 2709

Seastan, I had 3 in there for the longest time, I find I draw them fairly quickly if I get a decent opening hand. The cards to cut out the easiest are the card draw ones, so it may be 6 in one hand, half dozen in another. You are absolutely right though, getting Firefoot out quickly is very important.
thanks for the praise on the combo.