Noldor fighting like Dunedain [Belgian Winter Event 2018]

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Noldor xXxplosive - Red Noldor 2nd Edition 5 1 0 1.0
Noldor Figthing like Dunedain - Fast Setup Edition 8 5 0 2.0
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Ryson 178

Ryson has a newer deck inspired by this one: Noldor xXxplosive - Red Noldor 2nd Edition

Ryson has a newer deck inspired by this one: Noldor Figthing like Dunedain - Fast Setup Edition

This deck is more combat-focused than a classic Círdan the Shipwright Arwen Undómiel Erestor

Economy: To the Sea, to the Sea! is useful but not a must thanks to the low-cost profile of this deck. Only Glorfindel, Gildor Inglorion, Galdor of the Havens, Elrond and Veteran Sword-elf cost more than 2. (And Lords of the Eldar of course, but since it has to be played from the discard pile, that is not a problem) Thanks to capacity of Arwen Undómiel, you have the possibility to either play each turn a card costing 2 resources from any sphere + 1 card costing 1 in both other spheres either play a card costing up to 4 neutral ressources. The Song of Travel are there to be able Lords of the Eldar each turn when you arrive at the end of your deck.

Draw (and discard): In a Noldor deck with Erestor, the amount of draw you need is directly linked to the discard effect you can use. In this deck, I have few way to discard card compared to other Noldor deck: Arwen Undómiel, Imladris Caregiver and To the Sea, to the Sea!. Consequently, since I already have Erestor, I do not need much drawing. But I decided to include Galdor of the Havens and 2x Elven-light mostly to be able to play a ally costing more than 2 with To the Sea, to the Sea! and sometimes when healing becomes critical (very very rare). Previous version of this deck had the Silver Harp and Gléowine but I thought the cost was not worth it.

Combat: Here, you have a lot of solution. Defense: Aragorn, Guardian of Rivendell, Erestor, Gildor Inglorion, Veteran Sword-elf or Treebeard can be used. The Cloak of Lórien and the Raiment of War are really important in this deck to increase the defense of the character mentionned just before. Best case scenario, if both attachment are on a Guardian of Rivendell, he defends at 5 with 5 hit points Aragorn is preferably an attacker but he can be used with a Raiment of War to defend at 3 with 7 hit points. Anoyher way Aragorn is usefull is for his capacity when destroying an ennemy. It prevents you from having to defend another enemy that you engage directly and give you the opportunity to destroy it directly. The Magic Ring (preferably with Aragorn) allow you to defend multiple time with one hero.

Attack: Aragorn helps a lot in that department, the -1 clearly helps a lot. Other than him, of course you have Veteran Sword-elf, Dúnedain Hunter, Quickbeam, Glorfindel and Treebeard that handles themselves in combat. Of course, Rivendell Blade helps a lot and can be attached to any noldor. The Rohan Warhorse are to be placed on Aragorn if you did not have to place a Raiment of War on him to take advandage of his capacity multiple time.

Questing / Location Management The Evening Star can clear a nasty location you are not able to handle. Wait no Longer allow you to draw one less card during reinforcement and thus helps you questing. If there are more enemy you can optionaly engage with a threat higher than yours, the capacity of Aragorn can also helps you. Other than that, there are a lot of allies in the deck with solid questing ability Eregion Survivor (usually at 2 ), Gildor Inglorion, Glorfindel, Galdor of the Havens, Quickbeam and Treebeard. Galadhrim Weaver and Imladris Caregiver helps also.

Healing Elrond, Imladris Caregiver and Lembas are more than enough healing in this deck. Indeed, the allies have a lot of hit point.

Threat management The only solution to reduce our threat is the Elrond's Counsel which is usually more than enough.

Starting hand Best case scenario is Guardian of Rivendell, To the Sea, to the Sea!, Cloak of Lórien and depending on the set up of the scenario a Dúnedain Hunter. In that case you can quest at 5, defend at 4 and attack at 6 (+ the -1 of Aragorn) turn 1 with an enemy engaged.

Results I have not recorded the result of all the play I have with this deck. However, I have won on Assault on Dol Guldur in Duo, Crossing on Poros in Duo, Battle of Carn Dum in Solo.


Feb 26, 2018 The BGamerJoe 2863

I got to play a few games with your deck and feature it on my blog:

Very nicely done. Very aggressive and fun deck to play!

Feb 27, 2018 Ryson 178

Already, thanks a lot for the review ! I will answer to the point you are mentioning in your review later today.

Feb 27, 2018 Ryson 178

Here are some explanation about card choice:

Rohan Warhorse were the last inclusion of this deck and hasn't still not been validated. In solo, you might want to replace them with Arod and grappling hook to increase the quest capabilities. Or maybe additional Galadhrim Weaver.

The slot occupied by treebeard was previously occupied by Lindir. But I much prefer Treebeard because he can be played out of hand without pre requiste (lindir require to the sea to the sea or remaining spirit resources from previous turn to be played), he is more polyvalent and he has an included untap every 2 turn.

The twins were not included because you cannot play them directly (same as lindir) and you have to have two copies of each to have good chances to have both of them in play at the same time and take advantage of their synergy.... and i think 4 slot for that is too much.

Quickbeam slot was previously occupied by Gleowine. But the draw capacity was not needed and the stat of Quickbeam are just too good for its cost to not have him in the deck.

Galadhrim Weaver slot was previously occupied by Windfola. Basically, i was looking to increase the quest power. The Weaver has the same net gain in willpower but adds a little something to the deck by recycling some cards.

I would not remove evening star from this deck because even if you can have game were it is not really needed, you can be cornered in situations where it saves the game. It has for me. and several times :) Moreover, the cards contribute to compensate the lack of questing as compared to Cirdan/Noldor deck.

If you have suggestions about how to improve the deck, feel free, i am open to suggestions and happy to hear them.