Conflict at the Carrock


This is a pretty straight forward tank and spank scenario. Since we are trying to slow play the first stage to prep for the ambush and we have Beravor's card draw there are really only a couple of cards we'd love to see in the opening hand.

Mulligan for:

General Strategy:

Slow play the first couple of rounds we start with mid 20's threat so we have a few turns. Use Denethor and if you have it Henamarth Riversong to dig through the encounter deck and try to find a Bee Pasture or Grimbeorn the Old. He isn't necessary to defeat the scenario, but it is easier with him than without him. If you get him you want him on the left side of the table with Aragorn

Use Beravor's card draw as much as possible to dig for cards to use against the trolls:

Additional Notes:

  • Eleanor is primarily used to cancel Roasted Slowly but can cancel other treacheries if no Sacked cards are in play.
  • Hasty Stroke is important because Roasted Slowly as a shadow card as the same effect as the treachery (if it's on a troll).
  • Song of Kings can help generate leadership resources.
  • Song of Wisdom can go on Frodo Baggins to give him access to A Burning Brand.

You want to push through the first stage by the time your threat reaches ~31, you don't want all the trolls at once. You can use Son of Arnor and A Light in the Dark to help ensure that the trolls engage the left side of the table, likely where you want them.


Jun 30, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 789

With Miner of the Iron Hills handy, I find myself letting Roasted Slowly whiff and cancelling A Frightened Beast instead. This also helps turtle on stage one longer.