There And Back... and to the Side!

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Kelfox 225

Overview: A side-questing deck that's strong enough to tackle many nightmare quests and is fun to play! Bonus points for Caleb Grace making an appearance in the deck (Thalion)! Strong in solo and is welcome in multiplayer due to side quests and The Long Defeat having global effects.

Mulligan: You'll want to see a Resourceful in your opening hand and a Light of Valinor is also nice to see.

Glorfindel attachments: 1st Resourceful, 1st Legacy Blade, Rivendell Blade, Asfaloth, Light of Valinor

Thurindir attachments: 2nd Resourceful, Legacy Blade, Dúnedain Pipe

Questing: A slew of cheap allies provide your main questing with your heroes giving you a starting 9 to ensure you knock down early quests. Try to get your first quest done ASAP so you can drop a Thalion for some great action advantage. Bilbo Baggins is here to give his questing and also mill for your Dúnedain Pipe. You'll want the pipe to remove excess unique characters from your hand.

Defense: Try to get a decent defender early on, Defender of Rammas can be dropped turn 2. Thalion, boosted with Arwen Undómiel is also respectable. Later game, a Treebeard boosted by Arwen Undómiel defends for 4 with 5 . Feint the hardest hitting enemies while you get this set up.

Attack: Glorfindel, stacked with Legacy Blade and Rivendell Blade can hit for 6 , ignoring 2 and will serve as your main attacker. If you have an enemy heavy encounter deck, sideboarding in Coney in a Trap means that often Glorfindel can handle threats before they get a chance to attack.

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Card Draw: Gandalf, The Long Defeat, Dúnedain Pipe, Daeron's Runes.

Healing: Warden of Healing, The Long Defeat

Location Control: Asfaloth is often enough, but you can sideboard in Heirs of Earendil (you can afford the threat gain)

Threat Reduction: Double Back, Galadriel's Handmaiden, Gandalf

Direct Damage: Gandalf

Resource Acceleration/Smoothing: Resourceful, Neutral allies, Thalion, if you're lucky enough to get three side quests on him, partner decks can help here.


Jun 08, 2019 The BGamerJoe 4305

Nice deck! I got to play several games with it and I featured it on my blog:

Jun 09, 2019 Kelfox 225

Thanks @The BGamerJoe! Glad you enjoyed it and got all wins! Love your blog, I'm honored!