The Greatest Hunt

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A Storm on Cobas Haven - Nightmare - 1 Player - 2019-06-15
A Storm on Cobas Haven - 1 Player - 2021-10-12
The Massing at Osgiliath - 1 Player - 2021-12-25
Voyage Across Belegaer - 1 Player - 2021-12-26
Voyage Across Belegaer - 1 Player - 2021-12-27
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Seastan 42350

A true turtler's deck. Completed A Storm on Cobas Haven in Nightmare mode without declaring a single attack.

Early Game

Use the many draw effects to get the pieces together to make Robin Smallburrow a hero. All you really need is Robin and Sword-thain, but it's a lot cheaper if you can play Scroll of Isildur and Bartering first to make Sword-thain free.

At the same time, play down a resource generating card (Resourceful or Steward of Gondor) on each hero. A Good Harvest is used to play Steward.

Keep your threat low using The Shirefolk. If you do go above 20, you can keep playing your resourcefuls for free using Bartering and the now 0-cost Scroll of Isildur.


Play The Great Hunt on everything. Your low threat prevents them from engaging, and your massive resource generation allows you to keep affording it every round if you need to. You can keep recurring copies with Scroll of Isildur, and keep recurring scrolls with Erebor Hammersmith. If you truly run out, you can play A Good Harvest and Will of the West to play them all again.

For the occasional forced engagement, you can either chump block with a hammersmith (so you can play him again after Will of the West) or simply pull back Gaffer Gamgee to cancel the attack. Next turn, use a Guardian of Ithilien or Mablung to push the enemy back to the staging area and take it out with The Great Hunt.

Late Game

By late game, you'll have most of your allies out and you should be able to keep up even 2 Great Hunts every round while you quest to victory.

In Practice

The deck should work well against any quest that doesn't put a hard time limit on you. For Nightmare Cobas Haven, I was able to take out 8 ships and 2 Corsairs using only The Great Hunt over the course of a 14 round game, finishing with 13 threat. I can tell you that almost nothing is more satisfying than playing The Great Hunt on a Corsair Warship.


Jun 16, 2019 Yepesnopes 1247

One question. If you put leaf brooch in one of your heroes, does it mean you cannot play the great hunt as your first event?

Jun 16, 2019 Seastan 42350

@Yepesnopes Correct.

Sep 03, 2019 BizTheDad 2

Is there a particular reason you chose Robin Smallburrow as the Sword-thain target?

Sep 04, 2019 Marcelf 1353

@BizTheDadto be able to play The Shirefolk and get +1 engagement cost with Pippin. And Barliman Butterbur could be in the deck too!