Hirgon, They're-gone

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Bard Lee's 2019 GenCon of Suffering
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BardLee4 29

More of a tournament report than a deck guide.

Nothing too special about this Hirgon and Eagles deck. I guess it kind of runs in 2 directions because the deck features a lot of Ranged characters which can be good with Rúmil, but that's not the focus. Really I want to see either an early Legolas or Gather Information to get him or an Eagles of the Misty Mountains with some low cost eagles to boost him. The one kind of flair card for me ends up being The Wizards's Voice because in multiplayer, a Feint for everyone can save the day.

I only played this once, during a comp game of Mines of Moria with Samthemangamgee against Chad and Aaron. I thought we would lose the game as our decks got off to slow starts while our opponent's damaged the Watcher on Turn 1. Turned out that our slow start benefited us as we built our boards while Chad and Aaron got attacked and then a bad shadow disengaged the Watcher and they never recovered. The deck did not function very well imo, but did well enough. I got an early Support of the Eagles with a buffed up Eagles of the Misty Mountain and I successfully defended a troll for the majority of the game with Théoden. I didn't draw a copy of The Eagles Are Coming! until past mid-game. The noteworthy thing ended up being my 1 card discard for like 70% of the game which only came from a forced discard when Aaron got a Feint. I got lucky because the treachery forced a discard and an increase of the threat in the staging area by the card's cost and I had Landroval, Gwaihir, and an Eagles of the Misty Mountain.

We slowly and painfully slogged our way to victory while Aaron ended up losing all of his heroes. Chad kept hoping for a threat out because Sam had Gandalf and already used the ability of Aragorn and I had not played a Gandalf at all or even drawn one. Chad almost caught up at the end, but it was too late. I jokingly said that I should play Gather Information for us to go to, but I knew he finally got set up and began using Faramir multiple times a round and would catch up. Despite Chad and Aaron being on stage one for like 1.5 hours, we probably only one by 1 round. I think I grew a beard in the time it took to play the game (lol, let's not get crazy).