Thrown together eagles + direct damage

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Dai 2

This deck is intended to create a solid tactics Eagle deck from limited packs for the creator of the deck from which it is derived.

Questing involves using the Eagle allies and aggressively tackling enemies to keep threat down. Emergency/spike questing can be performed with Grappling Hook, attached to Vassal of the Windlord (if in play) or Legolas early in the game, and to Gimli or Eagles of the Misty Mountains later in the game once they is powered up with high Combat. Generally, Thalin will quest alongside Gimli unless he is needed to attack or defend. Meneldor provides good location management, paired with Flight of the Eagles, to help keep the staging area clear.

For attacking, Legolas and (if available) Gimli can put out some high numbers to bring down bosses, and Support of the Eagles (usually attached to Gimli) will provide attack bonuses. Vassal of the Windlord can provide emergency attack boosts, but try to hold off until Eagles of the Misty Mountains are in play. Many enemies won't make it to being attacked, though, thanks to direct damage combinations.

For defense, Gimli can hold enemies for the first few turns (especially with Citadel Plate) while he accrues damage for attack boosts, and can even take an undefended attack or two if there isn't much threat of being nuked by shadow cards, giving time to set up. Winged Guardian provides emergency defense. Soldiers of Dol Amroth are perfect chump blockers, but can also be made into pretty respectable combatants (2 combat, 2 defense, 4 health) with Raiment of War. Gondorian Spearmen together with the direct damage from Thalin will instantly kill any enemy of 2 or less health - and Swift Strike can take out enemies of up to 4 health before they get a chance to deal damage; Gondorian Spearman is also a very solid choice for Raiment of War. Once powered up, Eagles of the Misty Mountains can be very solid defenders, so don't worry about aggressively sacrificing Eagle allies to boost them.

For replacements/sideboard cards, Blade of Gondolin is useful in some quests to help get through high quest point locations and quest stages, together with Legolas, if enemies are weak enough to consistently be able to kill them. Vigilant Guard can be a great option for Gimli to increase his attack (and questing with Grappling Hook) further and finesse the amount of damage on him to the maximum possible without killing him. If extra allies are needed, Warrior of Dale is a good choice and a good target for Raiment of War, but the resource cost can be prohibitive since Eagles are not cheap. Thicket of Spears is great tech for quests where you are swarmed by enemies (such as Journey Down the Anduin). And, of course, Gandalf can be a solid choice for any deck that can afford him.