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emorlecallor 1165

Ever sat down to a game of LoTR with your buddies? You've got your shiny new mono-Lore direct damage deck (or your Boromir deck, if you're Brandon) all ready to devastate the encounter deck. You quickly glance around the board to make sure there is no hero conflict and your jaw drops.

"Did ANYONE bring Spirit?" you demand.

"I thought someone else would."

"Same here. I've got Ranged attacking support, though."

"I've got a bit of questing but the deck is mostly combat-oriented. Do you have any willpower?"

"Not much," you admit miserably. "I thought someone else would have a kind of support deck."

This never needs to happen, but it does, and more often than you think. Well, this deck is the answer to the above problem. Who brought questers? You did. Group needs healing? You have that too. You even have a Sentinel defender- with built-in shadow cancellation!

Most cards in the deck can be played on any or all players. Beravor and Galadriel can give a card or two to any player, and threat reduction also if it's Galadriel. Deep Knowledge and Lórien's Wealth also provide cards to players, and the Doomed cost is almost never an issue. Throw resources around the board with Ranger Provisions, Envoy of Pelargir, Errand-rider, and Tighten Our Belts(although the latter works better on yourself, since it's a tri-sphere build). Play Steward of Gondor on your buddy's hero. Seriously. And an Unexpected Courage or two while you're at it.

Glorfindel can't find his Light of Valinor? Let him dig for it with Heed the Dream. Reduce other players' threat with The Galadhrim's Greeting and Galadriel's Handmaiden and your own with Elrond's Counsel. Let another player put out a big ally with Elf-stone, and recur it or something else with Erebor Hammersmith.

The other stuff is meant for you. Put Nenya on Galadriel so she can "quest." Use Arwen and Dúnedain Warning to turn Erkenbrand into a tank. If he has already defended something and is exhausted, Guardian of Arnor is a good backup plan. Finally, use Ranger Summons to put some Ranger of the Norths into the encounter deck. (Technically, they shouldn't be in the deck so the size is really 52 and not 55.)

This is by no means a final version and even with the sideboard the deck could use some more support cards. If there's a good card for this deck I haven't thought of, please let me know in the comments below. Enjoy the deck!