Thunder of Hoofs

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Elessar010 243


This is the most up to date version of my Rohan swarm deck I've been playing. I really wanted to utilize The Muster of Rohan, as it is such a cool card! Rohan swarms have always seemed good and fun on paper, but the lack of card draw and other aspects made them mediocre at best. I'm not saying this deck isn't mediocre, but it has been a lot of fun to play, and after testing it and making some adjustments, I think this is the best spot for it.


I had to begin with Théoden because of the cost reduction for Rohan allies. Also, I didn't want this to be tri-sphere, as it would neuter the cost reduction a bit, and make resources harder to come by. So, Eowyn was my next choice, since she also opens up some card draw avenues with Elven-light. Finally, Erkenbrand made the most sense as my defender. Having a icon was important for my goal of using the discard effects, and Muster of Rohan, since I needed a way to get allies back from the discard pile.

Theoden becomes the primary attacker, with Gúthwinë attached. He can swing for 5 and also quest thanks to Snowmane. Erkenbrand of course just defends, but in some cases, I found I could leave him ready and let some of my allies do the work, to make use of his 2 .


The allies were the most fun to tinker with, and I settled on a consistent group that performed well in many test games. Of course, for the discard system to work best, you need Gamling. Also, Éothain is nice versatile ally that readies when one of the other allies is discarded; this makes him a good questing ally, and an attacker. Escort from Edoras is a cheap, powerful quester, and is one of the best allies to recur, as he costs 1 resource, and quests for 4, and you can easily grab it again with Gamling, or Gúthwinë. Rohirrim Scout is a nice, newer ally that can allow you to avoid engaging an enemy for a round. This came in handy several times to avoid some huge enemies, since my threat begins rather high. For the last ally that comes with a discard effect, Háma is a great combat ally, and I love using him to defend and attack in one combat, or defend twice with 5 . Again, save him with Gamling or Gúthwinë.

The other allies fill generic roles, such as Ceorl just being a cheap attacker: 2 for 1 is quite nice, also he can ready with spending a resource. Elfhelm is a nice-to-have guy, who can limit some threat increase, and also, is a solid attacker, or a defender in a pinch. Warden of Helm's Deep is a great defender, and helps share the load for Erkenbrand. West Road Traveller is simply a 1-cost 2 quester, but her ability can be pretty handy. Rider of Rohan situationally can quest without exhausting, but, he's a 2-cost 2 or 2 ally. And that's worth it in my book. Finally, Éomund is a solid quester, but also, a solid meat shield. Let him defend an attack, or take some archery to ready your whole army for a big swing!


I've mentioned Gúthwinë and Snowmane, but also Hauberk of Mail is great for Erkenbrand and the Wardens of Helm's Deep. One copy of Dúnedain Remedy to have some form of healing for the heroes. A couple Unexpected Courage usually for Erkenbrand, as Theoden already has access to Snowmane, and you don't need to ready Eowyn for anything.

The real attachment that makes this deck run is the new Horn of the Mark, which I attach to Eowyn, and gives you card draw from the discard mechanics, or chump blocking. So, with Horn and Elven-light, you at least have 2 ways to draw cards every turn, if you get it set up. Gúthwinë is not so necessary early game, but Horn of the Mark absolutely is needed. I try to get it and/or Elven-light in my opening hand.

Events and Side Quests

So this started as a Muster of Rohan deck and I absolutely love this card. I've gotten such value out of it in testing. An idea I had to really maximize its benefits was to use it when I have A Very Good Tale in-hand. Getting out some expensive allies with Muster, and then later using those allies to get more with A Very Good Tale is a nice combo. These two cards get things moving. I also added Tighten Our Belts for some resource acceleration. Sometimes I will save 1 resource for A Test of Will, or when planning to play a 3-cost (2-cost) ally next turn, or wanting to draw with Elven-light, etc.

Two side quests in the deck, Gather Information and Prepare for Battle are just extra. They totally are not necessary, but it's a good way to possibly get your Riders of Rohan questing without exhausting, and help your consistency with Prepare for Battle.


Since playing this deck with my primary Dunedain deck, it handles a lot of questing while the Dunedain handle combat, mostly. This was a natural fit, and to aid in that, I added Ride to Ruin, which I find to be a great card for clearing locations, when you can only travel to one in 2-player. Also, the Riddermark's Finest make a good target for this, as well as Snowbourn Scout.

The sideboard cards come in and I usually do 2 Tighten Our Belts for the 2 side quests. In 2-player, the Unexpected Courages aren't that needed, so I replace them with 2 Ride to Ruin. Also, since I only have 3 copies of Elven-light, and they are much more powerful in the Dunedain deck, I don't actually run that in this deck when playing the two together. So I add A Very Good Tale instead.


May 18, 2020 Denison 536

I applaud the commitment to consistent questlog titles.

May 18, 2020 Elessar010 243

@Denison haha I always try to have fun with them :)