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I Am No MAN!
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ohuerc 384

This is first and foremost a Galadriel deck, because she tends to upstage other heroes. However, it is also a Lothíriel deck, as all of these allies share a trait with her. More than that, it is a Helm of Secrecy Caldara deck, which means that all twelve female heroes (barring Messenger of the King) are included.

The rules are, you have to be FEMALE to be a HERO. You're allowed to be a male ALLY, but not a HERO, which means Prince Imrahil is disqualified. That also means that Sword-thain has to go on Súlien in the other blue deck, or on Emery.

One Unexpected Courage is for Galadriel. Also Light of Valinor for Arwen Undómiel, making her a better blocker or Tale of Tinúviel target. This is the boring deck, but it also has an extra job: keep the Tactics deck in secrecy.