The B Team (The One Ring edition)

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philium 9

This deck I fondly refer to as the B team!

What if Pippin and Sam Gamgee weren't able to make it to Frodo Baggins birthday party in Crickholow? Or what if Pippin and Sam Gamgee watched the house while Frodo Baggins and his other friends went on an adventure? In either case, you have the B team!

Goal of this deck should be pretty clear. Frodo Baggins is your tank and then you cheat in buff allies to steamroll the quest. Your other Hobbit friends are utility characters.

Early Game: Keep your throat low at the start of the game and make use of your Secrecy cards. Make sure to get out Hobbit Cloak and some Fast Hitchs to setup Frodo Baggins as your tank. Use Drinking Song and Peace, and Thought to cycle through your deck and get out your fatties.

Mid Game: Fatty Bolger is the real MVP here. Fatty Bolger allows you to commit fewer characters to the quest so you can actually defend and attack while you still have a small number of allies out. If your threat starts to get too high dump Folco Boffin in the bin to reset your threat. You can also pull the plug on Folco Boffin if you are just out of Secrecy range to put in back below 20. Both Fatty Bolger and Folco Boffin shine midgame. Gaffer Gamgee and The Ruling Ring allow you to defend against boss monsters and other nasty beasts before you are fully setup with a super Frodo Baggins.

Late Game: You should have a tank Frodo Baggins set up by now. With the Fellowship flipped, Frodo Baggins can have 6 defense with Hobbit Cloak, Inner Strength, and the Fellowship out... and he can cancel Shadow effects That's nuts!!!! Give him a Fast Hitch or two and he can block for days. The rest of your allies will womp any enemies you engage.

I'm still tweaking this deck... but I welcome any advice!!! This is a ton of fun to play and you'd be surprised as to how well it works on some of the harder quests even while playing solo. I did design this deck will true solo play in mind.


Oct 18, 2020 MrObsolete 24

Looks like fun! Lots of Fatty love around these parts recently. I dig it.

Oct 18, 2020 doomguard 400

only 2 shirefolk and frodo for threadreducing? seems not enough for me. specially when you use fattys ability.

btw. why make frodo the tank? fatty is the better one. he has a hitpoint more.

i would add sneakattack and a 3. gandalf. then you are very flexible.

Oct 18, 2020 philium 9

@doomguard The way I'm playing the deck right now is pretty aggressive since I am mostly playing solo. I only stay in Secrecy long enough to play 1-2 Resourceful and 1-2 Timely Aid then I start jacking up my threat with Inner Strength and Fatty Bolger.

I do not have a good answer as to why I am using Frodo Bagginsas my tank and not Fatty Bolger. Fatty Bolger is a way better choice for a tank. With Frodo Baggins I can ready Fatty Bolger after using him. Much more effective use of my cards. I will update the notes to make fatty my tank!

Oct 18, 2020 philium 9

@MrObsolete Fatty is super underrated. Sure Tactics Bilbo Baggins is a million times better than Fatty Bolger but Fatty has both lower threat and he is in the Spirit sphere. I'm a fan. Of course, he is also one of my favorite forgotten about characters in the trilogy and I have to use him every chance I get!