If by my Life or Death I can Protect you, I Will

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[Thematic campaign] Fly you Fools!
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And Woe to Them, if We Prove the Swifter! 1 1 0 1.0
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banania 1006

banania has a newer deck inspired by this one: And Woe to Them, if We Prove the Swifter!

Played as part of a 2-player Fellowship in a Saga Campaign.

This is a standard Forth, The Three Hunters! deck, so I'm going to use my usual of describing its piloting, but the "best case scenario" for attachments:

Just modulate your attachments and the order in which you play them, as well as your Unexpected Courage, the most intelligently depending on what you're currently facing. Once again, this is something you should strive for. Reality is different.

Sideboarding: Mod for Breaking of the Fellowship: