[Requesting Help] Arrows from the Trees

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AJ_800 260

I would like to request help with this deck.

I love the idea of Arrows from the Trees but I have not been able to make it work effectively in true solo. So I decided to build a deck around using it to it's full effect including the boost.

The idea of this deck is:

The problems I am seeing are:

  • How does the deck win? I feel that the main focus needs to be high Allies in order to progress the quest, but I'm not sure if there are enough.
  • (MotK) Henamarth Riversong is going to get killed quickly by any Treachery that damages exhausted characters because I will want to exhaust him before committing characters to the quest. I am wondering about having Henamarth Riversong as a pure Ally, and a different low-threat Hero (such as (MotK) Ioreth, as she can exhaust at the end of the round).

I have put some other cards I had in mind in the Sideboard.

Any help in making this deck viable would be much appreciated.


Dec 17, 2020 Alonewolf87 1514

Does it have to be a solo deck? I find it much easier to make Arrows from the Trees work in a 2 players Fellowship with a mono-Lore deck on one side and mono-Tactics on the other side. Advance Warning help setting up Arrows from the Trees while other damage effects (Argalad, Thalin Bilbo Baggins, Descendant of Thorondor maybe brought in with Hirgon) soften up the enemies even more.

Dec 17, 2020 banania 1508

Arrows from the Trees is bonkers in a multiplayer environement, see that Fellowship.

The main idea as @Alonewolf87 said is to be sure you pin down the enemies in the staging area with Advance Warning.

Dec 17, 2020 AJ_800 260

You're both right, the fact that I am struggling to make Arrows from the Trees work is because I am trying to do it in true solo.

If I went for a mono- multiplayer build, I could have Advance Warning and even The Great Hunt.

That four-player fellowship looks like a lot of fun!

Since my main method of playing is true solo, I'd like to see if I can make Arrows work in that environment.

Dec 17, 2020 banania 1508

If you really want to try to make it work solo, I suggest you go The Grey Wanderer route. For instance, a mono-Damrod deck like mine "Fair Ithilien" in which I am specifically discussing Arrows from the Trees.

Dec 17, 2020 Some Sort 3032

I have two quick thoughts:

  1. Ranger Spikes is probably a more useful trap than Ithilien Pit since you probably need more help trapping enemies in staging than killing them while they're there.

  2. Protecting Henemarth from Necromancer's Reach (the treachery that deals 1 damage to exhausted characters) is just a matter of timing. Don't trigger him during the planning phase; instead, keep him ready and trigger him at the end of combat (after all shadow cards are dealt and resolved). This lets you peek at next round's staging before immediately readying him again. (The only downside is you can't use his ability to see the card you're going to get in Round 1.)