For Jiri - Dwarves

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For Jiri - Two Decks through Against the Shadow
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ira212 122

The resource curve for this deck will be pretty tricky, but with some help from the other player's deck and a round or two to setup, it should be OK. Gimli will likely give resources to Bifur. Horn of Gondor should go on Dwalin, since you'll be tight on Spirit resources initially, until you start to hit the Zigil Miner + Imladris Stargazer combo. If you have both in hand, it's probably better to get Zigil in play first, to start generating more resources, since you can guess 1 or 2 and still possibly get resources. Also, with Dáin Ironfoot in play, Zigil is a perfectly good quester or fighter by itself.

Ever My Heart Rises is excellent if you're traveling underground. Obviously replace it with something else, depending on your quest. Unexpected Courage should go on Dain (remember you can play attachments on the other player's heroes). Then, Dain will be able to defend two attacks, or defend, and then still ready to give his attack buff to everyone.

You shouldn't have too many problems attacking and destroying enemies. There are plenty of options if you need more attacking power, like Khazâd! Khazâd!, other Tactics weapons, or more Erebor Battle Master. Gimli can likely take care of most enemies once he gets some damage on him and/or Dwarrowdelf Axe. If you have more attacking power than you need, consider swapping out to Blade of Gondolin for more questing power at the expense of attack power. Citadel Plate might never get played, but if you have the resources for it, obviously Gimli or Glóin will be happy to have it.

For mulligans, you want to see Legacy of Durin (consider putting in a second copy), the start of your Zigil/Imladris combo, and NOT Hidden Cache. You have plenty of discard effects in your deck (Zigil + Ered Nimrais Prospector), so as long as those are in your deck, you'll get 2 free resources later. And then you can recycle them with the prospector. Those resources should help smooth out your resource curve, putting them wherever you need them. The other player can help you with Gaining Strength and an Errand-rider. Once you get your Zigil + Stargazer combo going, you'll be able to generate a lot of resources yourself, but a little help early on will go a long way!

Gildor Inglorion might never get played, but you can push resources to Bifur relatively easily, and he's great if you happen to draw a Hidden Cache and want to get it back on top of your deck for a Zigil to mine.

Obviously Warden of Healing is excellent, and will be able to help you heal lots of damage, especially from Gloin, who can keep generating lots of resources. With the safety net of Hasty Stroke, you can take an undefended attack on Gimli or Gloin. Boots from Erebor should give that much extra breathing room.

The Vassal of the Windlord are basically there just for chump blocking, effectively an extra Feint. In a pinch, you can use them to attack, but mostly they're just to block an attack once.

Have fun!