Fiefs of the White Tree

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Uruk-guy 212

Hopefully this isn't the "last" alliance between Gondor and Outlands... otherwise they're in pretty bad shape!

The main strategy is to get Steward of Gondor on Hirluin the Fair to pay for every ally card while Ingold and Prince Imrahil can pay for others. You can pay for any Gondor character regardless of sphere due to Hirluin's ability when you use the contract's ability. When you're not using the contract's ability for paying for Gondor characters with Hirluin you just use it for Ingold to make sure you're drawing a card every round.

Something else to consider is using Soldier of Gondor for scrying Outlands allies. Use Sword of Morthond on any of the Gondor allies to beef them up, specifically Defender of Rammas, Knight of the White Tower, or Angbor the Fearless.

I went with all heroes for purposes of Strength of Arms and White Tower Watchman. This is easily modified for non-mono sphere decks if you want to use Prince Imrahil.

I have an alternate version of this deck where you just start with Hirluin and Ingold if you need start with lower threat. in that case you just use Strider instead of Prince of Dol Amroth. Starting with Denethor is another option for three heroes with lower threat.

Have fun!


Apr 06, 2021 doomguard 647

Captain's Wisdom could give a little startingboost. (sadly only imrahil can use it)

Apr 06, 2021 Truck 512

This is would probably only rarely be needed but Parting Gifts could work if Ingold and Imrahil have a ton of resources and Hirluin doesn't have Steward yet.

Also this reminds of The Last Alliance of Elves and Elves ( beacause Gondor and Outlands are basically the same thing.

Apr 06, 2021 Uruk-guy 212

@doomguardand @Truck you both make great suggestions, both around the same idea. In fact, thats basically the equivalent of adding Denethor as a starting hero. Perhaps that would be a good route too. The only downside is losing the Outlands trait that Imrahil would eventually get.

Apr 06, 2021 Truck 512

@Uruk-guy by all means keep Imrahil! My suggestion is very situational, it was just a kind of backup idea!