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askelad 428

Truck recently posted a grey wanderer Sméagol deck. That deck had two obvious drawbacks: sméagol potentially turning into gollum, leaving the player with no hero stuck if he did not have the means to fight gollum, and smeagol not being able to have attachments.

I absolutely loved the idea, and i decided to build a deck designed to support sméagol in his dreams of independance.

grey wanderer Haldir of Lórien grabs himself a Bow of the Galadhrim during setup, which means if stinker shows up during staging, during the combat phase haldir can immediatly trigger his ability and attack gollum for 5 , which restores him to Sméagol.

Haldir can also receive a Strider from Sméagol during setup to quest for 4 .

the rest of the deck includes more for haldir to make him a better sniper, an encounter control package with Firyal, Gildor's Counsel, The Hidden Way, Shadow of the Past (perfect for sniping an enemy two rounds in a row), and Scout Ahead to help avoid stinker, Woodmen's Clearing played with the right timing to reduce haldir's threat closer to that of Sméagol, and some Warden of Healing and Northern Tracker to heal and control locations.

Every move you make,

every step you take,

I'll be watchin' you


Apr 12, 2021 Truck 663

Very nice! I wish I could use this, but, card pool.

Apr 12, 2021 nelloianiro 672


Apr 12, 2021 Emmental 198

But he true beauty of grey wanderer Sméagol is : you don't want to kill Gollum.

As soon as Sméagol has flipped, he can take all attacks undefended. You don't have to worry about combat anymore... Maybe just give him Radagast or Treebeard so he can pay for some allies that can quest.

Apr 12, 2021 kjeld 77

An epic play would be to find a way to play The Hammer-stroke with a flipped Grey Wanderer Sméagol. Gollum "defends" for the table!

Apr 13, 2021 askelad 428

@Truck sorry, nowadays i mostly play on OCTGN so i tend to forget about card pools. i saw on your profile you "stole from me", actually you stole from Marthe Troly-Curtin, i just though that quote was very appropriate for this game and website.

@Emmental perhaps mulligan for Treebeard or Radagast and play an ent or creature deck. It would be awful but at least defense is covered.

@kjeld how do you play The Hammer-stroke without a hero to pay for it?

Apr 13, 2021 doomguard 687

@Emmental i disagree. in most cases you are right, but there is another option to benefit from his special way. you can exploit the engagement, e.g. with sam and mablung.

a point that makes haldir less effective, if haldir is startingplayer it will not work to snipe him (he turns to gollum in the staging and then he engages)

Apr 13, 2021 askelad 428

@doomguard You are right, somehow in my head gollum was engaging it's own player (because to me that would make more sense both thematically and mechanically for multiplayer, that gollum turns on his friends and that the player choosing to play sméagol is the one who has to deal with the consequences)

that changes things, now there is a 50 % chance of gollum attacking Haldir of Lórien which with his 3 hp is not great.

maybe Grimbeorn the Old with a Dagger of Westernesse (gollum has (à engagment cost) would be better suited, whoever the first player is grimbeorn can defend and spend a resource to attack gollum for 5

Apr 13, 2021 askelad 428

(by (à i meant 50, my shift key got stuck)

Apr 13, 2021 doomguard 687

the "natural" gollum-tamer is Beorn. he can defend unexhausted and can nacked punch him back to gollum. someone made a deck (or fellowship) with gollum and beorn.

here was the first with that idea:

Apr 13, 2021 askelad 428

yes Beorn is obvious, but being immune to card effects he makes a terrible grey wanderer, and pairing him with other hereos kills the main advantage of grey wanderer sméagol being low threat

Apr 13, 2021 DEER PARK 167

Great idea

Apr 13, 2021 kjeld 77

@askelad -- another player could use Desperate Alliance to temporarily transfer a tactics hero to the Gollum player during the Encounter phase. That hero could pay for The Hammer-stroke and then would return to the original player before the combat phase. Et voila, Gollum defends for the table.

Apr 13, 2021 askelad 428

@kjeld ok now that's an interesting combo.

to pull it of you need to have reavealed stinker and leave gollum in enemy mode until a bunch of enemies are revealed, then Desperate Alliance a tactic hero with 2 resource, and smeagol needs The Hammer-stroke.

for your reward you have feinted all enemies in play indefinitely, with the drawback of only being able to attack them with ranged heroes.

i'm just worried that the smeagol player doing nothing is not worth the investment: there are decks out there that can play The Hammer-stroke and spam Thicket of Spears (Book of Eldacar and Háma) , Out of Sight (Dwarven Tomb and Map of Earnil) and Hobbit-sense for a very long time.

see or

Apr 13, 2021 kjeld 77

@askelad It's more of a "cool play" hijinks thing than an actual top-tier strategy -- but it would be pretty funny if you managed to pull it off. Imagine all of these orcs and wargs and trolls and whatever else searching high and low for a hero to attack... and all there is is this stinker Gollum =D

Apr 13, 2021 askelad 428

@kjeld i agree, it's pretty hilarious... Well let's get to work then!

lets build two decks that work together, one of them being The Grey Wanderer Sméagol, the other being designed to play Desperate Alliance and The Hammer-stroke consistently (and possibly recurring them) while having a lot of ranged damage.

Apr 13, 2021 doomguard 687

Message from Elrond can also help, to get the gollumdeck a hammerstroke

Apr 13, 2021 askelad 428

@doomguard true, that way you have virtually 6 copies of The Hammer-stroke to dig for

Apr 14, 2021 askelad 428

@kjeld you might want to check this out:

thanks a lot for the brillant idea!