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Bait, Snipe and Smoke
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brametjuhh 25

The premise of this deck is to fully commit yourself to supporting the other players in your fellowship (through healing and mostly threat reduction.

You do this by marginally contributing to the quest (Fatty Bolger and Merry when their effect does not matter, (MotK) Bilbo Baggins always) (occasionally boosted by Smoke Rings), and not even pretending your playing during the combat phases. In return for this however, you gain a deck that can heal, revive, give card draw, and most importantly (during a good run), push everyone to 0 threat by the end of the game.

You start of by using the Hobbit Pipe or Spare Pipe (depending on the rest of your hand as (MotK) Bilbo Baggins Setup effect happens after drawing your initial hand) to get as many pipes as quickly as you can. Using your pipes you can aggresivly draw cards using Old Toby and Smoke Rings (which trigger your Hobbit Pipe, alternatively Hobbit-sense works for this too), using any Deep Knowledge, Drinking Song and sometimes even The White Council to aggresively and quickly draw through your deck. On most games you will manage to go through your entire deck ~2 to 3 times, hence why the deck runs 3 copies of Will of the West (and I would not recommend cutting any).

To be able to pay for this card draw you use mostly Good Meal and Reforged to make your many core 2-cost cards free, and you can early on use some Smoke and Think for this same purpose as well.

You will now you are properly setup when you have ~4+ pipes, your Resourceful go on Bilbo (so that using Thorongil and Bilbo Baggins he now gives you many resources of any color), and finally atleast 1 but preferably 2 Song of EƤrendil so all end of turn and doomed threat from Deep Knowledge and Power of Orthanc can be sponged by you.

The main combo of the deck can then start running. This combo is to play as many The Galadhrim's Greeting on your allies (as your own threat can easily manage itself), using Smoke and Think and Good Meal (using Reforged) to reduce its costs as much as you can. Dwarven Tomb can be used to replay either The Galadhrim's Greeting itself, or Smoke and Think to cheat resources and gain even more uses out of your Galadrims. And whenever your deck is only card draw and cost reductors you can recycle using Will of the West (make sure to keep atleast 1 threat reductor or card draw in hand when playing it, to immediatly redraw (using your Hobbit Pipe into your reshuffled card draw, so you can cycle your deck again). When this deck gets going it easily plays 10-20 cards in a turn, the trick is to make smart use of the flexibility of Dwarven Tomb and The White Council to give yourself and your allies what you need.

Finally some extra good mentions are the additional support cards. Warden of Healing is a great healer for its cost, Power of Orthanc and The Houses of Healing are one offs, as they are seldom needed (but can save a quest when they are), and as you cycle through your deck multiple times in an average game finding it them is not going to be an issue.

v2 Adds improvements made based on comments by Kjeld and Truck.