Most Cards Cost 0? Gandalf fueling Outlands

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LEGOlas 21

This is a very weird but powerful concept for a deck.

The basic idea is to use Gandalf to buy zero cost cards from the top of your deck every phase to cycle through to the outlands characters. All attachments aid in surviving until you have mustered an outlands horde or resource gaining.

Enjoy crushing Mordor!!!


Dec 27, 2021 doomguard 1127

you forgot his Wizard Pipe and because you have some rounds in secrecy i would consider these: Rivendell Scout 1 Faramir could also help.

would discard the round shield and wealth of gondor (only usuable if the stewrd is out) for that

Dec 27, 2021 kjeld 248

By that logic, A Lesson in Caution and Risk Some Light would also be good includes, likely at 3x and at least 2x.

Jan 13, 2022 LEGOlas 21

The Wizard Pipe was intentionally left out, perhaps 1 copy, but the goal is to have much of the deck be zero cost for efficiency. Rivendell Scout might help but once I'm out of secrecy it would be a dead card and if it was in my starting hand it would take one of my non-resource matching buys to put into play. I find Faramir simply to be too expensive for a deck this fast and questing is covered by Ethir Swordsman found by Word of Command or A Very Good Tale. Strider is great for early questing. Risk Some Light is a good addition I overlooked but I personally wouldn't use A Lesson in Caution as I try to stay away from fan cards. Another card I would add after testing is A Good Harvest. Possible removals would be Galion, Ioreth, and Drinking Song.

Jan 13, 2022 doomguard 1127

you can play the Rivendell Scout also from the top not only as off-sphere-card. and if you have Narya its not off-sühere anymore. and in that phase of the game i would say he is evan worth its 2 cost.(specialy with Resourceful out) and played early he is a good target for A Very Good Tale because most of your allies have cost 2 (or less) too

Jan 13, 2022 kjeld 248

A shame, as the ALeP cards are well-designed and balanced in my opinion, and fill in some noticeable gaps in the card pool.