One-turn Win #1: Accelerator

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One-Turn Win
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ohuerc 278

The Accelerator Deck does almost nothing by itself, but it enables the rest of the decks to do everything. This deck is about card draw, resources, and critical attachments.

This deck MUST play during its own Planning Phase:

If it does not, the other decks are ruined. The game is not necessarily over, but the one-turn win will almost certainly fail.

This deck would LIKE to play during its own Planning Phase:

This deck will generate most of the resources it needs, although not necessarily before it needs them:

Deck #4 runs additional Legacy of Númenor for extra resources, since this deck tends to run just a bit short on its own Planning Phase.

This deck can also draw all of its cards without any help, assuming that it all comes out in the correct order. The other decks will help with Campfire Tales and Deep Knowledge, so even without correct order it should be able to make it through.