One-turn Win Accelerator [1/4]

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One-turn Win, 4pm
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This is the first of four decks of a fellowship that aims to win on the very first turn of the game through getting as many enemies into play as possible and using Legolas, Blade of Gondolin, and Hour of Wrath to kill as many enemies as possible, thereby putting lots and lots of progress markers onto quests to the point where you can simply blitz through all of the scenarios in the combat phase. There are many quests where this will be impossible due to the nature of the quest design, yet many quests can be blitzed through in this fashion.

The goal of the first deck is to be an Accelerator Deck. This deck doesn't do all that much by itself, but it enables all of the decks that follow it to do what they need to do by accelerating them through increased card draw, increased resources, and playing some key attachments for them.

This deck would like to play the following cards during its Planning Phase (limited to the cards that require resources):

This deck can almost create all of the resources it needs to make this happen:

Fortunately, the third deck is also running Legacy of Númenor and can provide assistance for the last set of resources.

This deck would also like to draw all of its cards in the first round. Note that not all of the events have to be played on its turn, but all of the attachments do need to be played on its turn (as you can only play attachments on your planning phase).

This deck can actually draw all of its cards without any help (not counting Galdor of the Havens's mulligan rules):

Phew! That's a lot of card draw. ;-) Two of the other decks in the fellowship have 3x Deep Knowledge and all three of the other decks have 3x Campfire Tales, and deck two has Beravor, so there is assistance possible from other decks the card draw mechanics of this deck burn out too quickly.

Of course, both of the above calculations assume that the cards come out in perfect order, which they very rarely do, and still, it's rather impressive in my mind that this deck comes so close to the border of being able to go through all of its cards in a single turn like this.

Strategies for card playing: