A dwarf and a bear walk into a bar...

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Skeffington 198

Skeffington has a newer deck inspired by this one: A dwarf and a bear walk into a bar...


So I was toying around with the latest Alep cards, here is the pitch for this deck: Defend the whole table with Beorn and redirect all damage with Song of Mocking to Glóin for crazy resources. Next round fully heal Gloin with Well Preserved, repeat.


Harry Goatleaf is your turn one Honour Guard both for Beorn and Gloin. Try to defend a small attack with Beorn first each round to make maximal use of Harry's ability. Then trigger Song of Mocking to redirect on Gloin, where you now have the choice whether you want to use Harry or take an additional damage/resource. For Gloin, Harry is more of an "Oh-Sh*t"-button.

Beorn is a non-exhausting defender with sentinel, but he can not be healed, thus we need to cancel and redirect damage. You will only defend with him for small attacks or if Gloin already took a lot of damage and is not fully set up yet. BUT, he is the target for all shadow effects, which can be a huge benefit as he is immune to effects like "Discard an attachment from defending character", "Defending character does not ready.", ... You can also revive him twice per game with Landroval and Fortune or Fate.

Glóin is your resource accelerator and Narvi's Belt let's him play non-leadership cards with them. Also do not underestimate the power of Parting Gifts, to throw 5-10 resources in a turn over the fence to another hero, especially in Multiplayer. He is also great for undefended attacks, if Beorn should exhaust by a shadow effect, however you loose Sentinel in that scenario.

Nob is essentially a low threat Beravor for card draw. There is a lot of "Item" cards, so he should ready some times and be able to quest. You will most likely never use his cost reduction apart from playing the second Song of Mocking on Harry.


As already mentioned the two key attachments for this combo to work are Song of Mocking and Narvi's Belt on Gloin. The other goal here is to give Gloin max. HP, so he will get all of the attachments summing up to:

!!!!!!!!!22 HP Gloin!!!!!!!!!!

Starting Hand

Mulligan for Song of Mocking and/or Narvi's Belt in your starting hand. We also have some card fetching to find these combo pieces in our deck with Heed the Dream, Gather Information, Rivendell Minstrel. Heed the Dream can usually be played turn two, after Gloin took some damage.

Threat Control

We have a quite high starting threat and a reduced threat elimination level on 45 from The One Ring. Also we will often increase our threat additionally from Well Preserved to fully heal Gloin.

Therefore, this deck includes a lot of threat reduction with Sneak Attack Gandalf, The Galadhrim's Greeting as well as A Stout Heart for undefended attacks with Gloin, who will always have a resource to pay.


This deck can easily defend a whole table in a multiplayer game as well as tanking other direct damage like Archery, while amassing crazy resources to play expensive allies and events. It falls a bit short on questing, but can give other players an abnormal resource boost with Parting Gifts. Think Legacy of Númenor without the Doomed 4.

I hope you all enjoy this combo deck :)