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Antraker2 2

I‘m quite new to LotR-LCG. I‘d like some tipps to improve deck-building.


Jun 18, 2022 doomguard 1245

i do not want to be mean, just give my opinion ;)

Fastred is in my top 3 of worst heroes. with his 3 deense he should be your maindefender, but sruggles against many beefy enemys with at of 6 (hilltroll from anduin is a problem like many bosses)

i can understand your intension to make a mono-spirit-rohan deck, but it would be muh better with Théoden and if not mono-rohan nerly every othr spirithero is better than fastred without buffs.

the easiest way to improe your deck is, to give Fastred the The One Ring with Inner Strength.

then you have a REAL defender who survive str6 and have save shadowcancelling, his ability comes well in handy with the cost of using Inner Strength

possible you have limited cardpool. what is the maingoal?

in all cases, all decks would be bettter to include Elven-light, eowyn can discard it, and give you carddraw.

1) if it is: stay at low thread and strike as many enemys as possible with dunhere. then it is not the worst choice, to keep Fastred but, you need more threadreduction (max. The Galadhrim's Greeting and Gandalf ) and more buff of Dúnhere att. this couldbe done with Herugrim + Silver Circlet. the weapon could be fished out with Open the Armory

other options for improve dunheres att-str is, include Spear of the Mark and or Dagger of Westernesse discard it with Éowyn and play with Reforged

this would be the "turtle"-style and can take a long time but is relatevely save. this style would be much more easier with Éowyn instead of Éowyn

2) you want to play "standart" and chump the str. 6(+) enemys, then your chumps should be cheap, and thats where Théoden comes in.

3) if you do not need mono-rohan: replace Fastred with Beregond. he is so much more a better defender and have thread-reduction too. if stay at mono-spirit, Livery of the Tower help to survive even harder attacks.

Jun 18, 2022 Antraker2 2

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately I‘m limited to: Core, RoR, DoD, Khazad. But I will go for Theoden in I can get him.

Jun 18, 2022 doomguard 1245

and try to get your hand on Rhovanion Outrider and Rider of Rohan they are (imo) the best non-unique spiritallies.

a few sidequests would also be nice like Double Back and Gather Information