Wisdom and Walking Sticks

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Pirate Brahm 1014

This is a trap deck with plenty of card draw and a focus on encounter deck scrying. 70 cards sounds like a lot, but most rounds you should expect to be drawing 2-5 cards using Haleth, Damrod, and Beravor's abilities.

The strategy is to enter the Quest phase well-informed, so you can choose when it's safe to send everyone in. Or perhaps you have been holding out for a big combat round, and you need just enough progress to get by. Scrying will also tell you when it's the best time to play a trap. Having a big hand means lots of options during the Planning phase, so a little foresight will ensure you use resources effectively.

Without cancellation, you will use cards like Firyal, Risk Some Light, Interrogation, and Scout Ahead to bypass the worst the encounter deck has to offer by simply discarding them or stacking the deck so they become shadow cards. The Scroll of Isildur will allow you to use a single scrying card up to three times and Erebor Hammersmith can restore the scrolls after you use them.

The key to a winning strategy is choosing the right rounds to use your scrying events to the greatest effect.

Threat reduction comes from Woodmen's Clearing, while resource acceleration can be found in the form of discounts from Damrod, Seasoned Forager, and Elf-stone.

I threw in some other handy toolbox events and attachments for traveling and clearing locations, such as Thrór's Map, Explorer's Almanac, and Mirkwood Explorer. Strider's Path and The Great Hunt are fun experimental cards, and will get you out of trouble more often than you think. If you are a two-hand player and haven't tried Gildor's Counsel, check it out. I don't know how Deeping Defenders ended up in Ithilien, but they are a new staple card for trap decks.

For a different playstyle, you could swap (MotK) Haleth for (MotK) Firyal - just be sure to take out the extra copy of Firyal ally. I selected the former because I like to pick and choose my attachments early into the game. This is also a way to play an 'easy mode' solo game.

If you go solo, remove the copies of Gildor's Counsel and pick a couple sideboard cards.

Condition removal is in the sideboard, along with some extra healing options and Gandalf if you need additional threat reduction. Distant Stars can be used for quests where you are looking for a specific location, and can also be used to force-shuffle the encounter deck when you don't like what's sitting in top of it.

Candidates to swap out for sideboard are one copy each of any of the following: Erebor Hammersmith, Anborn, Thrór's Map, Leather Boots, Risk Some Light

Favored quest: Across the Ettenmoors

Avoid: The entire Ring Maker cycle


Jun 24, 2022 AlasForCeleborn 601

"Avoid: The entire Ring Maker cycle."

Sage advice for any deck, not just this one.

Jun 24, 2022 BlackArrow 283

@AlasForCeleborn why is that?

Jun 24, 2022 Pirate Brahm 1014

There's a lot of draw hate in Ring Maker, as well as scenarios like The Three Trials where traps are useless.

Jun 24, 2022 BlackArrow 283

That makes sense thanks :)

Jun 24, 2022 LEGOlas 119

Jun 24, 2022 AlasForCeleborn 601

@BlackArrow, also, at least according to my brother's reports, the majority of scenarios in Ring Maker are either not fun (Into Fangorn, Nin-in-Eilph) or have the potential to spiral out of control (To Catch an Orc's Timed effect on stage 2, Dunland Trap's shadow chains and kiss of death Condition treachery, Celebrimbor's Secret's sheer amount of surge). It sounded like they were 3 (from the whole cycle, mind) that he found consistently fun: The Three Trials in multiplayer, Trouble in Tharbad, and Fords of Isen, though that one he also mentioned could get out of control.

Jun 24, 2022 BlackArrow 283

Yeah, it seems to me that the Ring maker cycle is a little unbalanced (I have only played a few select quests, but you're totally right) It just feels liken that spot where FFG was trying to introduce more complicated mechanics and make the game harder, but just didn't have it down yet