fast_fellowship, or die trying...

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doomguard 1245

here is my 2. Fellowship-deck

this is a special one for more than 1 aspect:

only 2 heroes, somewhere i pointed out, that i come to that conclusion that either The Grey Wanderer or 2+ (MotK) Galion or (MotK) Ioreth is better. because you need the contract for Fellowship this is the only way to go this way and make it a 2-hero-deck.

its kind of all-in. either it work, or you can try again after the 2 or 3 round.


its very simple, get the Timely Aid out as soon as possible, then get new allies with the A Very Good Tale and buy a few cheap ones.

it is possible to flip 1. round! (get 2 Timely Aid out and then 2 A Very Good Tale + either a played ally, or another of those 2 events.

its not very likely, but possible. with all the carddrawing it should be doable in 2nd or 3rd round. if not, there is a rarely chance to finish it with Deep Knowledge + Vanish from Sight to squeeze out the Timely Aid later than the beginning

overall it would be a safer option to use Beravor instead of Erestor but that means less cards, on the other hand, you can keep the A Very Good Tale until you get enough allies out.

for solo you can decide freely, in multiplayer use that one that is not used by your mates.

a bonus is, you can play this alongside my other Fellowship-deck all cards are different.