Boromir Practices Falconry

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Birdman's Con of the Rings '22 Decks (2/2)
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Birdman137 30

Falconry: the taking of wild quarry (orcs) with trained birds of prey (the eagles of Manwe).

This deck is all about pumping up Boromir with 1 or more copies of Support of the Eagles, preferable with an Eagles of the Misty Mountains on the table with 3-4 cards attached. Consequently, those two cards are what I'm looking for in my opening hand. I chose Boromir because he is one of my favorite heroes in the game and with his built-in readying, he can make good use of those insane boosted stats. Legolas is there for the card draw (and ranged) and Mablung is there for the resource acceleration. I usually put the first copy of Rohan Warhorse on Legolas so he can draw multiple cards per round and the second one goes on Boromir to provide additional (threat-increase-free) readying. Getting a Gondorian Shield on Boromir early helps with surviving attacks before the rest of your board state is built up. A second copy of the shield can go on Mablung to get another decent defender.

I had some issue threating out with this deck so I added a copy of Favor of the Valar just in case. Secret Vigil is there for the same reason but I sometimes have trouble getting it into play since not much stays in the staging area, and enemies don't usually stick around. I've never gotten Hour of Wrath into play but is has so much potential with a high-output Boromir that I had to include it. Definitely a late-game card.

This deck will handle combat and is great at battle and siege questing but won't handle any other aspects of the game. Threat reduction is the biggest need. Healing helps but isn't typically critical. There is enough Ranged and Sentinel to be of some help to other players.


Aug 25, 2022 doomguard 1322

problems with thread in tactic or lore or 4-friends use Keen as Lances more

Aug 25, 2022 Birdman137 30

That's some spendy threat reduction if you don't plan on sending anything else to the victory display.

Aug 26, 2022 doomguard 1322

its better than threatening out, and its just 2 more than The Galadhrim's Greeting, neutral, and you can use it for cards i you have no problems with thread. i use it beside Gandalf in my 4-dwares and have used it every game that took more than 6 rounds if i draw it.

as i said, I you have problems threatening out.... because then its lategame and recourse are mostly not this much o a problem.