Horns & Horses

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The Fords of Isen - Nightmare - 1 Player - 2022-11-21 - ESDLALCGESP
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PablOvi 224

PablOvi has a newer deck inspired by this one: Horns & Horses





Nov 22, 2022 RegisF 6

He really like the main core of your deck. Maybe swap the ancestral armor for 2 copies of Favor of the Valar to get more tools against threat ?

Nov 22, 2022 NERD 721

I would swap Éowyn for Lothíriel and remove Defender of the West.

Nov 22, 2022 doomguard 1725

i like the idea its thematic and elfhelm + horses is underused anyway.

would make some little adjustments:

these are the changes i would make in any case. if i would play this deck i would consider replace Éowyn with Lothíriel because she can use Éomund every questphase (without sneak or horns) if you have him and he get back in the deck and not in the discard. she also triggers the Horn of the Mark every time she uses her ability. if you do not have an Éomund in hand the Rohirrim Scout is also a good replacement

Nov 22, 2022 PablOvi 224

Hey. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate all of them :)

I've chosen Éowyn instead of Lothíriel because the deck is plenty of duplicates that I can discard for boosting her willpower. (Besides, thematically speaking, I like to have the two brothers fighting together :))

I've found this deck really hard to use in enemy focused quests, since I need a couple turns to have Éomer and Elfhelm fully prepared for combat. On that regard, I was thinking about include a 3rd Feint and the Rohirrim Scouts.

I also have been thinking in Quick Strike since, in the mid game, with Eomer's boosted to 8-10, playing it after shadow card assignation it will work almost in the same way than the Feints.

Will take @NERD and @doomguard advices and remove Déorwine (he's really too expensive, I've included him because I thought his ability could help with unspent resources generated by Elfhelm) and Defender of the West (it's really too useless :D). Will include the 3rd Éomund... Golden Shield is not in my collection yet :(.

All my copies of Unexpected Courage and Miruvor are already in other decks... will see what I can do for having them here. :)

@RegisF I didn't have big issues with the threat level in my testings yet (I haven't test the deck so much though)... but will take note of your suggestion also. Thank you! :)

Nov 22, 2022 doomguard 1725

taking Lothíriel over Éowyn has more reasons than mentioned. with her include Envoy of Pelargir can be used or pure res-generation (used with her ability) what this deck lacks.

discarding double uniques could be done with Steed of Imladris. with the 3 Westfold Horse-breeder you will not have problems to find one. another reason for Lothíriel is, you could include Guthlaf as safety sentinel.

Nov 22, 2022 PablOvi 224

Didn't think about the Steed... good point.

Nov 22, 2022 RegisF 6

Note that Lothíriel's capacity triggers Éomer' s response each turn.